Last evening Tom Murry stopped by and we went out for supper with him. We went to Applebee’s and had a nice meal together. I think that Applebee’s food is better then it was a year ago. My largest complaint was that all of their entrees tasted the same, but it seems like their menu is more varied. After supper we went back to the motor home and Tom setup the camera and taped a 1/2 hour interview. We talked about our experiences so far here in South Carolina and also what it is like to stay at Gay only campgrounds and resorts. It will be interesting to see how we come across in the documentary when it is completed…

Tonight I ended up working until 6:00pm, then I stopped at Super Walmart and picked up some groceries and etc for the weekend. We are going to Asheville, NC tomorrow after work to the Western Carolina Hamfest. John is not overly excited about a 3 hour drive after working all day, but I’m sure he will be fine once we “hit the road”. We will spend most of the day at the Hamfest on Saturday and then go to the Biltmore Estates on the way home on Sunday. That’s our plan and we’re sticking with it.

I misplaced my cell phone early this week and I still can’t find it. I’m pretty sure it is somewhere in the motor home and I expect to open a cabinet or a drawer and see it laying there. I attempted to call it, but it goes directly to voice mail. John says that I’m doing this on purpose just to get an iPhone…. but I’m not…

We did find something that we lost six months ago. We found the remote control to the Tivo Video Recorder behind the cushion of the passenger side captain chair. We thought that we had accidently thrown it out in the garbage or something – we are very happy to have it back!!

I have most everything stowed away for the trip. The kitchen counter is bare and I put away stuff like wine bottles, candles, magazines and other misc. clutter. The good part about going on a short weekend trip is that we tend to clean house and get organized.

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