John: “For fucks sake, how many stupid people can you put in a single building” – yep we just came back from a crappy Walmart experience. We really should not be shopping there, but we went to Sweet Tomato’s for supper and it was close by. We just wanted to pick up a few personal hygiene items (Hello Kitty douche – smells like cat nip). We should have known better when the parking lot was busy and lots of families were running in…. We managed to purchase $78.00 worth of stuff – including a new rug for the living room. We had to walk around zombie like shoppers who’s goal was to get in John’s way – they would walk in front of him and then just suddenly stop. I drove the cart and waited in the wider aisles while John went and grabbed stuff and brought it to me. At one point I asked John if he just wanted to leave and he could come back during the week – but he said we only need a few more things so we persevered. We then waited in line for 20 minutes to get checked out. We selected a line with a tired little older lady working. One set of shoppers were “coupon queens” and the little old lady had to go through a large stack of coupons to make sure they matched what they purchased and etc. Of course several items did not match and she had to call a supervisor over and etc… There were lots of homos at the Walmart – they were all eying John up and down while I gave them “evil eye” to fend them off… 😉 We finally get checked out and escaped…. we really need to find a Super Target….


Out with the old Jesus, in with the new?

Earlier today I got laundry done. I had to wait until noon because I was out of quarters and the front office did not open until then. The laundry room I use was very warm and not very clean – the door and windows were open and several wasps kept coming in and out…. Someone had left of pile of biblical stuff for others – I thought perhaps the wasp infestation was somehow related…. The pile of stuff was somewhat sad – it was old, dirty and included books on how to come to terms with dieing and etc…

Another laundry room treasure is a sign letting us know that the water will be turned off on the 20th – except today is the 26th… You would think the person who took the time and effort to make the signs, put them in plastic holders and tape them on the door – would also have enough gumption to take them down…. guess not… too much to ask here at the “Booger-ville RV Park”….


Good information - if you can travel back in time....

Yesterday we took an early morning drive (left at 5:30am) to Oklahoma City, OK to attend the Ham Holiday hamfest. We were told that this was a small fest and not worth the 3 hour trip each way, but John wanted to take the Jeep for an extended drive – so off we went…. The hamfest lived up to our limited expectations – it was a “half-hour hamfest” – you see everything at least three times in the first half hour. We meet up with some of the Rainbow Amateur Radio Association guys and chatted with them for a bit. The fest was held at the South Campus of the Moore Norman Technology Center – which was a really nice building, but not the best layout for a fest. The thing with hamfests here in the South is that it is way too hot outside to have people selling stuff outside – so you have to purchase an inside table, cart all of your stuff inside, try to sell it and then have to cart it all back to your car at the end of the fest. My theory is that it is too much bother for most hams to do this – so they don’t – as a result there was not too much stuff for sale… We did see lots of newer radios for sale at almost new prices – usually an indication that hams can’t afford the hobby and are selling their gear… Here’s a picture John took of some vendors setup in a hallway – I’m in the picture – if you look closely….


Where's Derek?

After 90 minutes at the fest we were all set to head out. We really didn’t feel like doing anything else in Oklahoma City – so we headed back. On the way back we stopped at Ruby’s Inn and Restaurant in Purcell, OK for breakfast. This was a small town diner – the kind John likes. It also did not hurt that there was a Ruby’s Cafe in the TV series Corner Gas that John likes. We both had omuletes with hash browns – they were both fine. While eating we got to listen to a group of crusty old farts hanging out, drinking coffee and shooting the bull. John just about lost it when a guy came in wearing cowboy boots and spurs. He was actually wearing spurs…. it was all I could do from giggling….. The remainder of the trip was boring… traffic was not heavy, but wanted to go at least 20 miles over the speed limit…. We were back home by 1:30pm….. The trip was way not worth it, but John was happy with how the Jeep traveled.

So that is pretty much our exciting weekend…. now I’m thinking about the upcoming work week… will be interesting to see if I can get started on one of the larger projects that are in “limbo” or if I will continue to not be very busy…

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