Greetings from Oregon…

The weather has finally gotten back on track – was in the mid 80’s today with lots of sun and a cool breeze.  Felt really good to go for a bike ride around the RV park tonight for 40 minutes.

After bike ride, John had me take the Jeep to a Walmart two miles away to have a screw removed from the drivers side front tire.  Not sure how a screw got in the tire, but it was causing a slow leak.  Walmart was able to remove it and patch the tire for $10.00.  Only bad part was having to wait an hour for them to get it done.  It was “English as a second language night” at Walmart Automotive – so got to listen in to a poor salesman trying his best to help several families from around the world with their tire needs..

The process of purchasing a small apartment building in Des Moines, IA continues.  Yesterday the “mortgage lady” from the bank in Iowa let me know she had all of the initial paperwork completed and mailed them out to us here in Portland.  Will probably get them on Thursday or Friday.  We’ve decided to lock in our interest rate 60 days out from the date of closing – which will be next Monday.  The longer out you lock it, the more the bank charges….  So hope the interest rates do not increase between now and then….

We have so much to do in order to establish a home in Iowa.  Will need to register our vehicles there, get new drivers licenses, deal with closing our mail box in Wisconsin, getting high speed internet installed, do we get cable or stay with satellite for TV and on and on…  Then we need to furnish the apartment and take on new landlord duties… Oh yeah, we will also need to plan out the trip to drive to RV from Portland to Des Moines so it has minimal effect on my job and John school work…

We really can continue to live in our RV for a few weeks when we arrive in Iowa if we want.  Would be nice to put in new flooring and paint before moving stuff in..  We are going to need to spend quite a bit of money at closing, RV fuel, basic home furnishings…. so will have to see how our budget holds out.  Then we get to argue about how we want to setup the apartment 🙂  Will be interesting to see how this all works out.. plus there is always the chance something goes wrong with the mortgage financing…..  so much fun….

To help with finances we have decided to cut expenses by not eating out as much, spending less on groceries, taking my lunch to work and not signing up for next session of ice skating lessons.  They are small things, but do add up…  We are not destitute, but will appreciate having some extra money in savings when we go to buy a new bed, flat screen TV, desks, coffee tables, rugs and on and on…. Our goal is to not charge up any credit cards doing all of this…

Anyway…  This has been a crazy week of work for me. I’m usually “really busy”, but this week it is like “super really busy”…  I have so many projects assigned to me that I’m starting to wonder how I will get it all done.  Have huge project that needs to be done enough by August 15th so testing can begin, and I don’t really have a good start on it yet…  Not good – so going to try and do other projects in the morning then concentrate on big project exclusively in the afternoon.  May need to start putting in some extra time just to keep up….

Let my managers know about the move to Des Moines, IA and they are fine with it.  I really can work from anywhere… A few coworkers gave me some grief – “Do you know what Iowa stands for? – Idiots Out Wandering About”  or “You know what DSM stands for?  – Don’t Stay Much”.  I just giggled….

Not much else going on… going to watch the latest episode of Project Runway Australia.  The American version of Project Runway premieres tomorrow night on Lifetime... So looking forward to it 🙂

In parting, here is a pretty picture of the hydrangea bush behind the RV:

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