Greetings and salutations from the opulent splendor of the St. Louis RV Park. It is now 4 days until we leave for Pleasanton, CA. It is very hot outside today – in the mid 90’s. I’m in the middle of doing laundry. Walking from the mo-ho to the laundry room you can feel the heat radiating up from the asphalt. It seems a bit ironic that I will be paying money to dry my clothes today in a machine that makes hot air in an air conditioned room…

Yesterday we went to the Moolah Theater & Lounge to see The Dark Knight – the latest Batman movie. This is the first time we went to the Moolah and it is was kinda neat. It is an old Shrine Temple that has been tastefully repurposed as a movie theater, bowling alley, bar and apartment building. I read an article about the restoration and they spend tons of money on the sound proofing so the apartments are not disturbed by the movie theater. We had decent seats in the upstairs balcony. John was not impressed with their sound system – they had the bass turned up to the point where it was sometimes difficult to understand the dialog. The move itself was long (152 minutes) but it was interesting and kept my attention. I liked all of the special effects and Heath Ledger did a great job as a very creepy Joker. It was worth seeing.

Then after the movie we meet Perry at the Four Seasons Vietnamese for supper. I had hot brazed pork and it was better then I expected it to be. It was little pork nuggets that were breaded in a hot sauce – yummy. I did not finish it all so now John will have something for lunch on Monday.

I just moved clothes from the washer to the dryer. Laundry room is not busy right now… I’m the only one using it right now…

Most of my ebay auctions have been paid for and shipped off. I have three more items that I’m waiting for payment on – so with a little luck I will get them paid for on Monday. Now the fun part is waiting for everyone to receive their items and be happy with them. John is happy to have “my crap out of here”. I’m looking forward to obtaining more quality items in California…. I wonder if we can do some dumpster diving in Silicon Valley without being arrested 😉

This morning we meet Perry and Rich A. at Crusoe’s for breakfast. Our lesbian waitress asked our names today – seemed a bit ironic since it is our last time for having breakfast there… it is also the last time we will see Rich A. before we leave town. Rich is spending part of this week attending the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. John and I would like to attend the EAA some year – it is one of the best air shows in the nation…

After breakfast John wanted to go somewhere to buy some sunglasses for our upcoming trip. We were going to check out the Galleria, but we could not get from I-55 to 64West, so we took 64 East to the St. Claire Square Mall in Fairview Heights, IL – it took us around 20 minutes to get there. The mall did not open until noon, so we wasted time checking out Kohl’s and K-Mart. I picked up a little Oxo chopping board at Kohl’s and some soda at K-Mart. We checked out housewares in search for some nice plastic or lucite tumblers for the RV. Our current glassware is a hodgepodge collection that we would perfer to get rid of for a matching set. We didn’t have much luck. We will probably have better luck at PotteryBarn or Crate and Barrel….

We finally made it to the mall, but most of the stores were not open yet. We did find a arcade that was open and John spent some time playing jet fighting game… he looked like such a stud sitting in the flight simulator and shooting down the enemy forces… The mall smelled bad – like old musty mold. We finally found a kiosk that sold two pairs of designer knock-off glasses for $20.00. John found two pairs that were to his liking – so it was not a wasted trip…..

Tonight we are going to Hodak’s one last time for chicken. They still have the best fried chicken I’ve had in a long time – it is very juicy, but not overly greasy. I’m looking forward to it….

It is getting sad for me because most places we go, it will be our last time there and we are saying good-bye to people we will not see for awhile…. but I’m looking forward to the upcoming trip out west and etc…..

I need to get going… the clothes in the dryer should be dry by now…..

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