Greetings from another really nice day in Portland…

My work day was extremely busy – spent all morning bouncing between projects, attending conference call meetings and dealing with a few minor issues.  Time just flew by and it was time before lunch before I knew it…  Had a delicious entree of spaghetti and meatballs from frozen dinner that I microwaved.  The microwave situation at work is actually really good because they have 11 of them available for use.  Have not had any problem finding one available for use – which makes bringing my own lunch a bit easier to deal with.

After eating I practiced CW .. –   .. …   -. — –   — — .-. … .   -.-. — -.. .  for 10 minutes.  I’m still using the Ham Morse iPhone app in a mode where it drills you with random letters, numbers and punctuation.  It’s kinda tricky because nothing actually spells anything – looks like:  LITTM R;YV ROOJE IA,KM and so on…  Right now having the most trouble with the code for the forward slash / which is  -..-.

After code practice walked out to the food bank garden to move the water hoses around and turn the water timer back on.  It was my turn…  Several times each week we have impromptu chat sessions on the computer to figure out who can help water when… then on weekends I get texted on my cell phone when they need someone…  it’s kinda funny how ‘high-tech’ taking care of this garden has become.  This weekend I will probably help water some more and help sprinkle organic 5-3-3- fertilizer around the tomato plants.

No news about the mortgage loan for the apartment building.  We still have not received the mortgage papers in the mail yet – hope to get them tomorrow.  Did receive a bill in the mail for $250.00 from the diagnostic clinic that did the biopsy on my back a few months ago.  Not exactly helping with saving money 🙁

To help keep us orgaized with all of the stuff we need to do and acquire for the apartment, I’ve started an Excel spreadsheet and have it out on our iDisk so we can both access it from our computers and iPhones.  List has things like the desks, bed, coffee table and console 8-track player.  John make sure to let me know tonight that there is no way we will be able to install new flooring and paint before we move in.  🙁

Watched the first episode of Project Runway and it lived up to my expectations.  I always like the first four episodes the best because you see such a variety of design from really tacky to really good.  As the season progresses you don’t see as much of the crappy designs that make me giggle…  I liked how the oldest designer on the show, Bert, won tonight.  Believe he is in his 50’s….

Not much else going on… going to pester John for awhile until he banishes me to the bedroom by pretending he is concentrating on school work…  I’m on to him… 😉


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