Greetings from a dimly lit St. Louis. It is three days and counting before our departure to California.

I had a busy day at work. My replacement, Rich, showed up and I will start transitioning the applications I support over to him tomorrow. I was busy working on issues – most of the users I work with are being extra nice to me – in an attempt to get me to work on their issues before I leave…. with a little luck I should have most of the outstanding issues taken care of before my departure….

Today was John’s last long day of working at the RV park. He still has to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but just his usual tasks of cleaning the swimming pool and the restrooms. John has informed me that I will be leaving work early on Thursday so we can get started on our trip. We must get to Omaha, NE the first night… I have a feeling John is going to want to have some long days of driving so he can have some bragging rights… “Well we made it here in only two days….”

On the way home I went to Office Depot to get a mouse for my old laptop. John is using our good mouse on the new laptop, and I’m getting tired of using the touch pad. The touch pad on the PowerBook works well, but playing Railroad Tycoon with it is a bit tedious.

I then brought home supper from Qdoba. I got a free burrito tonight from my Qdoba card… It was ghetto night at Qdoba – the people in front of me smelled bad…. I learned a new trick from the ghetto entourage in line in front of me – how to get the most food for the least amount of money. What you do is order chicken nacho’s, but request that the chips be kept on the side – in a bag. That way the empty plastic bowl can be filled all of the way up with cheese, veggies, cheese, salsa, sour cream and lettuce. So you basically can get the equivalent of chicken taco salad with a side of chips for the price of chicken nachos – a savings of around $5.00. Also – don’t forget to order water, then get soda from the self service soda dispenser.

John is not happy about having to listen to 20 hours of show tunes during our upcoming trip, so I’ve decided that we need to have a different theme each day. This is what I’ve come up with:

Thursday – 80’s Pop day – I will wear my “Choose Life” t-shirt with matching black leg warmers while listening to Debbie Gibson.
Friday – 70’s trucker music – Will listen to several CW McCall albums over and over while wearing flannel wife beaters and talking on the CB radio.
Saturday – 70’s Disco Party – I will get my Cheetah Print boots out and perform a few dance numbers out at Flying-J while John is buying fuel.
Sunday – Broadway Show Tunes – I will perform Evita, Hairspray and Fiddler on the Roof at the same time….

Perry is having a going away supper with our St. Louis friends on Wednesday evening at the Happy China Buffet. It should be a fun evening – until we have to say goodbye to everyone…. or until we meet again…..

My consulting company is taking me out for a good-bye lunch on Wednesday and my coworkers at Solae are taking me out on Thursday – I’ve requested that we go to the Atomic Cowboy – I like their fish taco’s. So that means that tomorrow will be the last time I go to Novak’s for lunch – will have to say good bye to my lunchtime friends there….

Not much else going on… going to play some Railroad Tycoon 3 before heading to bed and read a book until I fall asleep….

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