Greetings from a humid evening in Milwaukee….

It has been cloudy, warm and extra humid the past few days. It is nothing compared to being in Texas during the summer, but still muggy…. it has not rained in the past few days – so expecting a really nasty storm when it does… seems to be the cycle this year – heat, humidity, storm, repeat….

Had another busy day at work… the first app that has been tested by the “testing group” went to the business line for testing and now they want changes…. I can’t really say no… so worked on the fixes they asked for… Went out to lunch with coworkers – ended up at a Five Guys Burgers… not exactly diet food… but was a treat… Had a hamburger with fried mushrooms and fried onions and A1 sauce… Did not have much for breakfast for supper to compensate….

Went to gym at 6:00pm – my normal time and it was not very busy – only six other people working out… Here’s another one of RuPaul’s remixes that I really like to listen to… RuPaul tells me that I’m a champion… Yeah!!! in it… I believe her 🙂

John made it home by 7:45pm, but was not a happy camper.. The driver side front tire on his Jeep Liberty suddenly went flat on the way home… He was not far away from the RV park – so was able to limp it home… He came in and ate the supper I had ready (Lean Cuisine Asian Chicken with Veggie Burger) and then went out and worked on it. It took him 15 minutes to take the flat tire off and replace it with the spare… It was 8:45pm by this time and he decided it would not be easy to find someone to look at it yet tonight… so he will deal with it in the morning. I hope the flat tire is repairable so we don’t need to replace both of the front ones…..


John changing the tire...

This morning at 5:30am Prince decided he was hungry… now… He let us know by repeatedly jumping up on the bed while we were attempting to sleep and meowing in my ear… To discourage him, I just ignore him… don’t want to reinforce bad behavior… when I got up at 6:00am I found that he still had food and water in his bowls.. he likes to have his food refreshed by mixing it with new food… he’s a very spoiled kitty… It also did not help that one of our neighbors decided to “break camp” at 5:00am in the morning… nothing like the clanging of jacks and running of a diesel truck to start the morning off right…

The RV park is really getting empty. Both of our neighbors are gone along with 90% of the park. They are probably the smart ones… leaving before the fair starts and the rates go up…. We pay by the month – so our rates are the same, but daily and weekly rates go up. A full hookup 50 amp site goes up to $75.00 a night… not cheap…

Not much else going on – going to do some stuff on the computer and watch TV for a bit…. Just want to relax a bit to get mentally prepared for another exciting day of programming….

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