Greetings from a cooler day in West Des Moines, IA…..

Been dragging ass all day… Tired from staying out past my bed time and drinking a few adult beverages.  We had meet up with Ron and Terry  at a campground close to Des Moines for a nice evening of sitting around the campfire.  It was great to see them again in person – the last time was in 2009 when we spent a month in Quartzsite, AZ waiting for me to find a job.


Last nights camp fire.

Had a great time catching up on things and enjoying the nice weather.  Weather has finally cooled down around here so felt great to be outside.  Before we knew it it was 11:30pm…. time flies when you are having fun with friends… 🙂

This morning I loafed around the apartment.  Did manage to make breakfast (eggs, hash browns and sausage) and lunch (Hamburgers, Potato salad and chips), but did not do much past that.  In the afternoon did get enough gumption together to go ice skating.  Public stating time is limited, so try to go at least once a weekend.  They have reduced the public skating time from two hours to 90 minutes due to a college hockey team renting the ice….  So it is a bit of a pain to get in for practice.

Did much better with my new figure skates today – only fell down once.  Starting to get adjusted to how they feel.  Figure skating is a different mind set.  With hockey skates you do lots of quick strokes/motions, but with the figure skates you do fewer, but more fluid strokes.  I’m starting to get the hang of keeping my weight towards the middle/back of the skates, and not the front.  The one time I fell was towards the end when I was getting a bit tired and not paying attention.  Put my weight towards the front and did a lovely face plant into the ice…  🙁

Last week was able to take several long bike rides over to Gray’s Lake.  Have decided to not ride my bike when it is over 96 ° out.  I get too dehydrated too quickly and feel crappy afterwards.  Felt great to get back on the trails.

Been doing well with spending less money each week on food/groceries.  Been going to Fareway on Saturdays for majority of items, then to Hy-Vee on Sunday for the remainder.  They are both good stores for different reasons.  Been finding the prices at Fareway to be the cheapest.  For example they had Heinz ketchup on sale for 99 cents when Hy-Vee had it on sale for $1.29…  Fareway had bottles for Tazo tea 2 for a $1.00.  Hy-Vee had the same 10 for $10.00….  Like Hy-Vee because they have a better variety of items and have the NuVal system.  Been keeping groceries under $100.00 a week.  Seems like alot, but we are dining at home almost exclusively – so $100 divided by 21 meals is under $5.00 a meal.

Not much else going on.  Have started to play the World of Warcraft online game again.  Received an offer for a free month to come back – so I did…  Will see if it keeps my attention past the first month.  So far is has been lots of fun to be back.  They still had my level 81 hunter ready and waiting – so did not need to start all over.

Not much else going on… going to relax and watch TV before calling it a day… My eyes are already tired and it is not even 9:00pm yet….  Guess I’m too old to stay up and drink anymore 🙂

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