Greetings from a pungent St. Louis. Tomorrow will be my last full day of work at the “International Soy Ingredients Supplier”

We had another day of good-bye’s – I said good-bye to the lesbian’s at Novak’s and then tonight we went out to eat with Randy and Jackie to Guido’s Pizzeria and Tapas. Guido’s has a nice web site. John works with Randy at the RV park – I think they get into lots of mischief together… Jackie works for an IT department for a local company. Randy is going to miss having John around… The food at Guido’s was good… I had Tutto Mare and it was good – had lots of clams and mussels in it… The service was not very good – our waiter was frazzled and overwhelmed – but with a pitcher of Sangria all was good. We then stopped at a trendy Gelato shop in downtown St. Louis – named The Gelateria. I had a small bowl of peanut butter gelato – was very decadent.

John went grocery shopping today to get some easy to prepare items for the trip. I’m good at making sandwiches while John is driving down the road. He will not let me run the crock pot while going down the road. We could put in the sink with a bungee cord to keep the lid on. We could make some stew, or corn beef and cabbage…. but no…. John is concerned about hot food flying around the RV when he hits the brakes hard…. details… details…. He also stopped at Randy’s Trailer Town to get a new step rug for our step-up and also a new ever-pure water filter. John was impressed that they had the water filter – many camper dealers don’t carry them…

So tomorrow I’m having a going away lunch with Lelah, Scott and Rich with my consulting company. It is really nice to be giving me a send off… most consulting companies don’t do this for me… so it is cool…. then tomorrow night we are going to Happy China with all of our friends… again it is going to be very sad saying goodbye to everyone….

Tomorrow is also our two year anniversary of purchasing our motor home. It does not seem like two years to me…. seems just like yesterday….

That’s it for tonight… I’m going to join John in watching Mobile Home Disaster on CMT…

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