John forgot that I took this picture of him ;)

We made it back to Columbia, SC with no major problems, except for an issue with the “Brake Buddy” in John’s Truck. The “Brake Buddy” decided to apply the brake long enough to burn out the brake pads and warp the brake rotors on the front tires of Johns Ford F-250. We think that some rain got into the break away sensor and caused it to activate. This sucks because the repair costs will be around $400.00. To be able to detect this in the future, John is going to install a 12 volt lighted reflector on the dashboard of the truck. He should be able to see the light turn on when the brake is activated from the camera that is mounted on the back of the motor home.

John then noticed that there was some antifreeze leaking from the front of the RV. He assumed it was from the generator, but from closer inspection, John found that the anti-freeze was leaking from the heater core onto the top of the generator. He was able to remove the core and verify that it is defective. Today John was able to order a replacement online from SCS/Frigette for around $125.00 which includes shipping. He plans on installing it himself this weekend.

It took us around an hour to get the motor home parked and get everything in place. We put the Reflextics back on the front and side windows to help keep us cool. We found the weather to be much cooler and lower in humidity in Asheville, compared to Columbia. A coworker explained to me how air stagnates in the middle of South Carolina because the mountains block the air, so the air just sits here and gathers smog and humidity. Yuck!!

The trip had Prince all tired out:


Tired Pussy

We are now looking forward to our trip to Edisto Beach in three weeks.

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