Greetings from a soggy St. Louis – it has been raining on and off all day long. Tomorrow is our big day – we’re leaving St. Louis as soon as I can get out of work. John wants to make it to Omaha, NE by Thursday evening – so about 8 hours of driving. I plan to be done at work by 1:30pm, at the latest… I spent the morning doing the last of transitioning the applications I support over to Rich. Then I went to Wasabi’s with Rich and Scott for sushi… it was so fresh and wonderful….. I’m very glad we went there!! This afternoon I worked on some final bug fixes for one of the HR systems. So things are looking good for me cutting out early tomorrow…


This evening we went to Happy China with our St. Louis friends. We had around 16 guys in attendance - it was great to see everyone again before he head out. Here's a few pictures I took tonight:


More Smiles...


Doug, Perry and John

The food at Happy China did not disappoint – it was varied and tasty… Perry brought in a box of cupcakes for Rich’s birthday – they had Princess Rings on top of them… I make sure to keep mine…. It was sad to say good-bye to everyone…. I’m sure we will be back to visit and probably work here again… but in the mean time I will still miss everyone…. 🙁

I’m looking forward to our trip west… the furthest West I’ve driven is to Quartzite, AZ with John 5 years ago…. the furthest West on I-80 I’ve been is Omaha, NE – so it will be great to see a new part of the country. I’m not exactly sure how I will do with riding in the RV for almost 3 full days straight… but I’m sure the musical theme day’s I have planned will help to pass the time, along with reading books, doing computer stuff and enjoying the scenery…. Perhaps John will allow me to drive the motor home for the first time…. I think I would like to learn how to drive it when we get to the mountains…. the scenery there will be so pretty…

I need to get lots done yet tonight… I have stuff on my side of the bedroom to put away and etc… I also want to watch Project Runway and Sheer Genius – but not sure I will have time… oh well – they are recorded on the DVR….. I will update the blog several times a day as we go along…

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