Greetings from the “Boogerville RV Park” in Carrollton, TX….

This week we have been getting a break from the triple digit temps – has been in the lower to mid 90’s all week – but along with the lower temps has been rain, storms and overcast skies. Some of my coworkers are telling me that the worst of the summer heat is over with – but I’m not so sure… time will tell…

The work trip to Temecula, CA has come through. I’ve been asked to spend time with a new Lotus Domino programmer there that I’ve been helping over the phone. Management decided some face to face time would help get her “ramped up to speed” faster. I will be flying from Dallas to San Diego on Sunday and then renting a car for the 50 mile drive to Temecula. The worst part of the trip will be the two hour time difference.. I’m flying back on Wednesday evening – so right about the time I get used to the time change, I will be coming back… Oh well…..

John and I discussed having him come along, but it came down to the fact that we should save the $600.00 in air fare for our upcoming trip to Wisconsin for the Domestic Partnership stuff… Plus we would have the added expense of boarding Prince in “Kitty Jail” again. So John will have to get along without me. Most people think that John does all of the stuff around the house, but not so…. Each morning I make the bed, each evening I do the supper dishes and on weekends I do the laundry…

Work has been going fine. I’m still in between projects – so have not programmed anything substantial for the last three weeks – been spending time doing value added busy work like helping users with problems and putting together documentation. It has been a nice break but I’m ready to get down to business on a project where I can program again…. My consulting company took me out to lunch today – went to Saltgrass Steak House. We just had hamburgers – mine was good but nothing special. I probably should have ordered something more expensive 😉

John has been kinda bored the last few days – the RV park here is really dull – not much going on at all and people are very stand-offish…. So I recommended that he get a new video game for the XBOX 360 to occupy his time with. John is really good at first person shooters and adventure games – gets very wrapped up in them. Once he starts a game, he keeps playing until he has won it and has also explored everything there is to see.. The game he picked out is Fable II. It is an adventure game where you start out as a child and progress through life until you are an old man. The decisions you make along the journey effect your appearance and other game playing attributes. This game has the progressive feature of gay and lesbian characters. You can flirt, have sex, get married to the gender of your choice… I gave him some good-natured grief when I read about this in the game manual along with information about how you can purchase condoms from vendors in the game so you don’t come down with any STD’s…. It will be fun to see who John chooses to get married to in the game. A few years back when he played the original Fable game, he was in a relationship with a school teacher in the game.. it was cute…. in a weird cyber sort of way… The game is not played online – so no chance of him running into creepy people….


Simple green rug....

On the last blog posting I talked about how we purchased a new rug at Walmart for the living room area. We don’t purchase very expensive rugs because it is nice to replace them every year or so. The old rug we purchased in Columbia, SC – so it has lasted awhile. John kept it so he can lay on it while working under the Jeep or Subaru. Here is a picture of the new rug:

I finally broke down and opened up an account with Netflix to rent movies. There is no video store close to us here and I want to watch tv series like Six Feet Under, Dallas and Are You Being served – so it should work out well. I went with the cheapest one disk at a time account. I did Netflix in the late 90’s when they first started and they would upgrade my account now and then so I could rent more movies at one time – so hope they do it this time, eventually…. I received my first DVD – disk 1 of Season 2 of Mad Men. Should be fun to watch….

Not much else going on.. still working on side project – so need to get to work on that….. Prince says “meow, meow, Meow-Meow, MEOW!” – translated it means “Hi!” (I looked it up in my Hello Kitty dictionary).

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