Greetings from a gorgeous weekend in Portland…

The weather has just been perfect… highs in the mid-80’s with a nice cooling breeze…  Can definitely get used to this….

Processing of purchasing a small apartment building in Des Moines, IA continues.  On Friday we were able to lock in the mortgage rate.  Mortgage lady at the bank advised us to wait until after 4:00pm to lock in because the bond market was down.  Bond market going down sometimes means the mortgage rates go down… so she said… So checked back at 4:00pm and she said the bank just announced it is eliminating the closing costs for its mortgage loans…  So by waiting we received the same interest rate, but save big on the closing closes – which really helps us out…  It really seems like the “stars are aligning” for this purchase – so far..

Then on Saturday morning UPS delivered envelope of mortgage papers from the bank.  It listed all of the financial documents they need us to supply along with various forms that needed a dozen signatures, and a few initials.  We spent a few hours on Saturday getting everything in order and John will mail everything back to them on Monday.  So far everything is fine, but I always have “feelings of impending doom” when dealing with financial matters… buying cars, RV’s, homes…  they all make me uneasy and waiting for something to go wrong…  but so far so good 🙂

Had to get up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning to participate in a disaster recovery exercise for work.  Was easy enough to do, just needed to log into work computer system, check a few things out and then fill out a small report.  Was back in bed by 6:00am to continue by beauty sleep.

Went in to work at the food bank garden for a few hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  Needed to get twine strung up for the pole beans.  The beans have started to grow like crazy and should of had the supports up for them a few weeks back.  Ran out of twine on Saturday so purchased some on Sunday and went back and finish it up.  Ran the twine down a cable from where the old volley ball nets used to be.  Was not difficult, but time consuming to get them all in place.

This afternoon John drove me down to the mall so I could go ice skating for a while.  Want to stay in practice even though I’m not currently taking lessons.  The ice rink was not very busy, mostly junior high kids who could barely skate.  I mostly practiced doing backwards crossovers at each end of the rink.  Went well… hope to skate twice this coming week…  Once we get to Iowa I plan on signing up for lessons at the rink close to where we will be living.

After skating came home and made supper – soft shell tacos.  We estimate that we saved at least $100.00 by only eating out only once last week and brining my lunch to work.  Every little bit will help…  Things are going to get expensive once we leave Portland….

After supper called my Mom in Illinois and chatted with her for an hour and then went swimming for 45 minutes.  The warm water felt really good…  Pool was a bit busy with little girls and their parents…  but was pleasant enough.

Not much else going on…  going to relax, watch some TV and get ready for another exciting week of work…

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