We are on the road. Right now we are close to Exit. 178 on i-70 westbound – close to Kingdom City. Getting out of St. Louis was fine, except for 5 miles of stop and go traffic – due to an accident. One we got past that it has been manageable.

I got out of work 30 minues later then I had hoped… lots of little last minute requests to fix this, fix that… none of it amounted to much – but it is easier for me to go into systems that I’m familiar with and make the change rather then someone else who is not as familiar with it all….

There was a nasty accident at an intersection right next to work, so I had to take a bit of a detour on the way to the RV park… I hoping that would be the only accident I see this trip…. When I arrived at the RV park, I parked my car at a designated spot, unloaded the last box of stuff from work, said good-bye to the owners of the rv park, George and Lynn, and then we were on our way… John had everything hooked up and ready to go… He started driving while I was changing out of my work clothes….

8:15 PM

We are now north of Kansas City on I-29 North… around mile marker 30. The traffic and lane closures have been a nusience for John – he gets cut off by drivers from on-ramps….

My consulting company in California called me – they needed me to fill out one more form immediately and fax it to them. I attempted to get our new all-in-one printer/scanner/copier to scan in completed form… but going down the road and trying to figure it out was not working too well… so we stopped at a Pilot truck stop so I could fax it and then we had McDonald’s for supper. John says we are around 2 hours off of “his schedule” with me being a bit late getting out of work, and the stop at Pilot, so it will probably be a late night of driving…

When we went past the Kansas City Airport a large blue and white 747 that said “United States of America” on the side was coming in for a landing right over road in front of us… I’m not sure if it was one of the “Air Force One” jets, or not. I did some google searches and didn’t see any reference to the President visiting Kansas City tonight….

11:36 PM

We made it our destination – a truck stop on the west side of Omaha, NE. We just let Prince out of his box and he seems happy to be walking around and etc. We are both tired – so it is off to bed….

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