Greetings from an overcast Carrollton, TX….

We just got done having pizza for supper at a local establishment “Brother’s Pizza and Pasta”. The place is nothing fancy and the pizza is just good, but they have the distinction of being close. Driving in the DWF area on Friday is not much fun – lots of Yahoo’s who drive very aggressively. On the way home from work I had lots of people tail gating me, not letting me change lanes when my lane is ending and other fun driving events…..

My work week is done.. yeah!! I ended up working until 5:00pm today because I needed to get some extra time to make up for two 90 minute lunches (one with coworker and one with consulting company). After 3:00pm the place was just dead – very quiet and absolutely nothing going on. I was kidding with one of my coworkers earlier in the week about how the “consultant dance party” starts at 3:00pm after all of the full-time employees go home. Today I think we could have actually gotten away with it…. The extra time was put to good use – got more documentation completed, fixed a few problems for users and got organized for my upcoming trip to Temecula….

Tomorrow I plan on getting laundry done – including all of the bedding, get a hair cut, do some clothing shopping and spend quality time with John. I suggested to John that he could go see a movie or other activities during the day while I’m at work or when I’m away next week. He refuses to dine out or go see movies alone – it’s one of his hang-ups…. I have no problem doing either….

John has been enjoying the new video game – Fable II. He thinks that he is 1/2 through the main story line, but needs to get caught up with lots of side quests. I asked him if he was still a virgin in the video game and he said no… He has hooked up with a little guy, gotten married and they have a house together. I asked him what having sex was like in the game and he said that the screen just fades to black for a bit and you don’t actually see anything… darn 😉

It appears that the neighbor on the passenger side of the rv is packing up to leave. His tripod satellite dish is down, has his truck connected to the 5th wheel hitch and he has been banging around with stuff for the last 30 minutes. My guess is that he will pull out about 4:00 in the morning to get an early start, and to wake us up…. We also have a new neighbor across the road – a nice Dutch Star motor home by Newmar. I’ve always thought that Newmar moho’s were nice… which means they are probably part of some evil homo-hating conglomerate….

That’s about it… I need to spend some time programming tonight – will do so while watching John play video game… it’s a very exciting Friday night….. Once I get this side project completed, I really need to get a life again…. 🙂

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