7:10 AM

Good morning from Nebraska! Our stay at the truck stop outside of Omaha was uneventful. We parked next to some other travel trailers and had a decent nights sleep. We got up around 6:00am, and by the time we had both showered and purchased 57 gallons of diesel at 4.469 per gallon it was 7:00am. So far we have been averaging 7.7 miles per gallon, after traveling 453 miles yesterday. We did not have breakfast yet – I will microwave some breakfast biscuits in a hour or so. The air seems a bit cooler so far today – last evening it was very muggy and humid. We have been getting lots of bugs on the windshield – so I worked on cleaning the windshield. The dead bugs smelled nasty – they were mostly some kind of tan moth…. yuck!! Just went past a sign that says we are 22 miles away from Lincoln, NE.

11:20 AM

We’ve stopped at a rest area in Nebraska to take a break from driving. This morning John pulled over and said that it was my turn to drive for awhile. So I drove the motor home down the interstate for the first time ever… it is not as easy as John makes it look. My main difficulty is that the motor never feels centered in the lane to me – so it took me time to get over weaving back in forth in the lane. John kept telling me to look down the road as far as I can and it helped… I sorta got the hang of it, but John had me pull over after 30 minutes before we went into a construction zone with lots of orange barrels….. I’m sure I will get to drive again… perhaps in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming….

I’m really not sure where we are at exactly… the scenery for the last few hours has looked the same… lots of fields, grass, cows and trees…. we went past a bunch of signs for an “Original Pony Express” station about an hour ago…. Right now John is taking a short nap and once he wakes up I will make a quick lunch of roast beef sandwiches and chips. We will probably stop somewhere for supper tonight….

2:15 PM

We are at currently at mile marker 81 on I-80 west – in the middle of nowhere…. So will be going across the border to Wyoming in 90 minutes… I see long-horn cows, dust devils and grass… that’s about it.. The Sprint card is not picking up a signal at all and the Verizon card has 3 to 4 bars. I thought they are on the same network… must be the difference in the cards… it is getting warmer out – in the low 80’s…
The traffic has been much easier then yesterday – at least so far….

I’m passing time by listening to old Dragnet radio shows on my iPod…. We only 1288 more miles to go….

5:07 PM

We are currently at mile marker 342 on I-80 getting close to Laramie, WY. We are starting to get into some hilly terrain and we can see mountains in the distance. We made a few short stops to let the motor home cool down – it has been working hard going up hill all day. We are currently at 7500 feet abouve sea level and climbing.

My consulting company needed me to fill out a few more forms today and send them some references, so we made a stop at a Flying J. I used a “Drivers Services” station to send the completed and signed forms to the San Francisco office. I was also informed that my start date will be on Tuesday, not Monday – so that gives us some more “wiggle room” for the trip. The delay in the start date is due to some background checks not being completed yet…. I was not happy about this change, but I’m sure everything will work out “just fine“.

I took some pictures this afternoon that I will post this evening… I don’t want to fiddle around with connecting the camera to the laptop and etc while going down the road…

We are now in Buford, WY – the terrain is starting to get more rugged and mountainous… kinda pretty…. I do feel a bit light headed being up this high. As a precaution, we’ve made sure to reduce the air pressure in our air mattress.

We will be at the highest point on I-80 (mile marker 323 near Laramie) in the next few minutes….

7:30 PM

We are now crossing over the Continental Divide – mile marker 203. Earlier we stopped at the Flying-J in Rawlings, WY for supper. The service was slow, the food was fine. I had pasta with meat sauce – it was better then I expected.

Looking out over the terrain here makes me think about how difficult it must of been for the early settlers to have made it out west. The soil here is sandy, lots of scrub brush, snakes, indians and their “rv’s” did not have black tanks or air conditioning… John wants to make it as far as “Wolf Creek Pass”, oops, I mean Rock River, WY yet tonight… another 100 miles.

I’m hoping for a pretty sunset over the mountains tonight – since we are now on mountain time and gained an hour it seems like this day is lasting a long time…

Will post more later….

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