Greetings from a perky day in Portland…..

Yep.. the weather continues to be great!  Lots of sun and high temps in the low to mid 80′s….

Just got home from playing Bingo here at the RV park – did not win anything, but had fun.  Everyone was in a fun talkative mood this evening.

The process of purchasing a small apartment building in Des Moines, IA continues.  Sent an email to the mortgage ladies at the bank in Iowa on Thursday morning asking if it has made it through underwriting yet.  They let me know that it is “still being reviewed by processing” and has not been sent to underwriting.  They will let us know as soon as they hear anything – basically “don’t email us, we will email you”.  Did not even know it needed to go through “processing”.  Did some checking and found this website (AmericanLoanSearch) that says the processing department “send out the Verifications of Employment and Deposit and order the credit report, property appraisal and other documents. The time it takes to receive these documents affects the length of time required for approval of the loan“.  So not expecting the final decision anytime soon – which is annoying….

Had a super busy day at work.  Spent most of the day handling lots of minor help desk tickets since I was on call.  Nothing serious, just lots of little things that take time to assist with.  Found out the major project I’ve been scrambling to get completed by September 15th has been re-prioritized and now needs to be completed by next Friday 8/19.  So will need to go in and work like crazy over the weekend to have any chance of having it done.  This project is not the easiest to work on – I’m adding a web service to an existing application that needs to replicate how it would work if someone manually entered the data.  Have very little documentation or specifications that outlines what needs to be done.  Just need to “make it work” – which is very subjective.  So going to spend most of the day tomorrow and probably some on Sunday working on it….. At least they are good at giving me “comp time” for any hours I work over 40 each week (I don’t get paid overtime).  The extra time will probably come in handy when we get closer to relocating to Iowa.

John continues to be very busy with school work.  The statistics class continues to be a challenge.  Does not seem overly complicated, but they really pile on the assignments.  He has a few weeks left for these classes – so he will start studying for his final exams shortly.

Not much else going on…  going to play Warcraft for a half hour before heading to bed..  My Warcraft Hunter dude is at level 72 now.  Not playing very much during the summer, but play for a bit a few evenings a week to keep things progressing.  It’s fun seeing how the game evolves as I become stronger, wealthier and obtain better equipment.

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