Greetings from a lovely day in Livermore, CA.

This morning I slept in and woke up to the smell of breakfast being made by John. He made me a yummy omelet and toast. We have not found a place to go to breakfast on the weekend yet….. Then I went to the laundry shack (it really is a crappy, dirty little shack) to get my weekly wash done…. While moving clothes from the washer to the dryer the other trailer park queen stopped in. She said that she had some mail for me, but it did not have the correct box number on it. All mail that does not have a number on it goes to her box. She then puts the correct box number on it, then puts it back in her mailbox so the mailman will the put in in the correct box… she was nice today and handed me the mail – it was my first paycheck…. glad I ran into her today…. I have a feeling that the consulting will not manage to get my direct deposit working for my next paycheck…..

This afternoon we ran around town running errands. I needed to return some magazines to the library, purchase bus tickets at grocery store and deposit my paycheck at ATM. The GPS has been a big help with getting us around town. I found out that not all Safeway grocery stores in town sell bus tickets – the first one we went to I waited at the customer service counter while a diva behind the counter gave the customer major attitude… I think she enjoyed telling me they did not sell them… so we used the GPS to find the store that does sell them….

Since we were at the Safeway, we did some grocery shopping… the store was very busy – was irritating to make it through the store, but we got the job done…. This evening I have been playing Railroad Tycoon 3. I made it through a few more scenarios… getting over half way through my goal of completing all of them….

I’m looking forward to work this week… I have high hopes that I will actually be able to start programming…. but who knows….

Not much else going on… going to go back to playing RT3 for a bit and then go read a book and fall asleep….

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