Greetings from a nice week in Iowa..

The weather has been great – highs in the ower 80’s with a cool breeze.  Has been a great week for going on bike rides..

Last Monday afternoon I went to the Iowa State Fair.  John had a doctors appointment where they drew blood and he was just not feeling up to going along.  I went on Monday because I had the day off – so could go earlier then 6:00pm (when John gets home from work).

I drove to the park and ride garage in downtown Des Moines and took the $2.00 shuttle to the fair.  Parking at the fair runs $10.00 and didn’t feel like dealing with traffic around the fair – so the shuttle worked out “just fine”.  At the fair I walked around and checked out the latest in farm equipment along with some of the livestock on exhibit – sheep and pigs.  Here’s a few pictures I took:







 Once I got tired of walking around I hopped on one of the free trams and rode around people watching.  Got off at several locations to check out more exhibits.  By 8:00pm I had enough, so took the shuttle back to downtown and was home by 8:45pm.  John asked me to bring him something home to eat – so stopped at the King of  Burgers for a texas whopper.. was not John’s favorite because it has jalepeno peppers in it.  Oh well – I tried.  John was not too impressed with the bag full of brochures and trinkets I gathered in the mixed industry building.

Was back to work for the both of us on Tuesday.  Besides taking an hour to get through all of the emails I missed, there were big surprises.  Spent the remainder of the week working on several new projects.

On Tuesday evening we meet up with our real estate agent to look at another 4-plex apartment building that is for sale.  It was priced cheap – so I knew there would be something major wrong with it, and I was right.  It has a flat roof that has been leaking to the point where some of the interior ceilings and walls were falling apart… not good…  plus it had a boiler from the 1950’s in the basement that was used for heat…  this place makes our current apartment building look good… really good 🙂  Is always an adventure look at apartments because you get to meet the current tenants and see the mess they have made.  Can be difficult to look through the mess to see what the building is like..

This coming week I will be at the Midwest Lotus Users Group (MWLUG) conference in Indianapolis, IN.  I leave for it directly after work on Monday and will return Friday night.  My flight goes from Des Moines, IA to Chicago, IL to Indianapolis, IN – arriving at 11pm.  Will be a long day…

It is cool my employer is sending me to it.  Will be able to attend some hands-on programming workshops and other “show and tell” sessions.  One night the conference is going to the Indianapolis 500 Speedway for a tour and etc.  Should be fun… Only downside is that I’m the only person going from the major bank I work for – so will not know anyone.  Guess I will have to play nice and make new friends.  Maybe I will bump into someone from one of my past consulting jobs…. never know…

This evening we went to Noodles & Company for supper – enjoyed the Pesto Cavatappi while John had his usual – the beef stroganoff…  I like the soda machines they have – all computerized where you can select from a large choice of beverages….

After supper we went grocery shopping to pick up some easy to prepare items for John.  He’s going to miss not having supper on the table when he comes home from work…  Poor thing will have to microwave a hotdog or something 😉


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