Darrin in St. Louis had surgery to have a heart catheter put in. He is still having chest pains. I hope everything takes turns out ok for him.

I had a busy morning today. At 8:00am I went on a hour long walk with Scott and Molly. I then worked on waxing the last remaining side of the RV – the side with the entry door. This took me until around 1:00pm to complete. Scott came over and help me finish the last few sections.

I then got cleaned up, had some left over veggie lasagna from last night and then proceeded take a delicious 4 hour nap. The new 600 thread count sheets are really nice and soft… well worth getting.

For supper Scott had us over to his place. He prepared a vegetarian mexican lasagna dish. It was a recipe he got from his mom and he did a good job of making it. I hope he emails me the recipe. After supper we walked to downtown Normal for ice cream.

On the way we ran into a bit of high drama. Several police cars were stopped along the road and they had two college aged kids in custody. After walking past them a bit I noticed two guns on the ground. John identified them as being Co2 air guns so he went back and let the cops know about them. It turns out the cops had stopped the kids for brandishing guns and they were about to let them go because they could not find any guns on them. They were most interested in the guns we found laying on the grass… I guess we did our civic duty of the day. We walked home a different way just in case their friends were will in the neighborhood…..

The ice cream was yummy, yummy & Yummy After walking back to the RV park we had some “tiki time” – sitting outside the motor home for 30 minutes or so…. it was a bit humid out so we called it a night. I made sure we locked our bikes up good – neighbors two sites down from us had their bikes stolen off the back of their RV. They just had them strapped in, but not locked up.

John worked from 8:00am to 6:00pm tomorrow so I hope to get some projects done and perhaps some geocaching…..

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