Hello All John Here.

Derek has been nagging me to post an entry, but I have been trying to save some of our data plan. We are limited to 5 GB a month, instead of attempting to be conservative, seems someone was trying to make a point that it wouldn’t be enough and was downloading everything he could get his hands on, including 400 megs last night to update his iPod. In any case, we are having DSL installed here soon.

It seems that both the local cable company (Comcast) and the telecom (AT&T) have both hired out their front end customer service. My first call went to Comcast, who doesn’t offer cable service to this area. I then called AT&T, and after an hour giving information they finally called back today at 10:30, and signed up for the DSL service. Of course, we must also sign up for at least a local line, which is another $6.00 a month, plus the $25.00 DSL fee, install fee of $40.00 and modem for $92.00. Seems the price of internet here has gotten crazy too. To add icing to the poor customer service, and snotty attitudes they can’t install until the 25th, and won’t activate the DSL until 5 days after. Ugh. In any case, it is on it’s way.

Yesterday, the antenna I ordered on Ebay arrived. It is a 160 meter “Sloper”. The 5 band dipole I made a week ago worked, but was ugly and not very efficient. I wanted something that would be less noticeable, and would tune on the lower bands. My efforts were so far well placed. The antenna tunes well 80-10 and seems much more sensitive, but I do find it strange that I still can’t tune 160, I’ll play with it some more today. The real blessing is that I really don’t need much support for this antenna, I hung it in a near by tree with the “slingshot”. Which means the ugly support could come down I had up for the dipole.

Derek hinted I was up to something in his last post. I had an interview with Home Depot. It went well, and will most likely take the job they offered as a cashier. It is part time. We are waiting for my drug and background checks to come back, so I expect to hear from them tomorrow.

Short of that, not a whole lot going on here. So far we really like the area, but I think I speak for both for us that we are going through a bit of withdrawal, In Saint Louis we had many friends to keep us entertained, and were close enough to have many visitors, we miss the interaction. I guess we need to get on it and meet some new buddies on the west coast!

Alrighty then, I wish you all a good day.


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