John has allowed me to connect to the internet long enough to do a blog posting. Since I maxed out the amount of data we can use on our Verizon internet card, John says that I’m “not allowed to download a bunch of shit” – his exact words…. I’m looking forward to having broadband installed in two weeks…. that way I can download the rest of Project Runway Canada, and Project Runway Canada will be starting soon…

Work is starting to progress… I actually have the necessary development software on my PC. My work laptop is very locked down – they ended up installing VMWare and another copy of Windows XP in the virtual PC. They the development software was installed in the VM. So I have a computer running Windows XP, running VMWare, running another copy of Windows XP that runs the development software…. I’m not complaining, it works…. it just seems like an odd way of setting things up….

Today I was able to start working on my first project – some changes to an existing Notes database. The changes are pretty straight forward and I plan to have them completed sometime tomorrow.

I’ve been following the news story of a supposed finding of a Bigfoot Corpse in the woods of Georgia. Today it was exposed as a hoax – they had put a rubber costume in a freezer – how lame… Now some Bigfoot experts are going after the perpetrators of the hoax with legal action… For some interesting reading, check out the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website – they have 100’s of Bigfoot sitings organized by State and County. You can check and see if the big hairy beast was ever spotted where you live, or go on vacation to… some of the story are a bit freaky….

John went to his future employer, Home Depot, to fill out some paperwork and get his training and work schedule. He goes in for training starting next Monday. It will be interesting to see how he likes it and how he’s treated and etc… On Saturday we should do some shopping to get him some new clothes for his job. It takes time to pick out jeans that show off his butt and package properly. I think he looks best in Tommy Jeans, but I’ve not seen any Tommy Stores in the area… I will have to check online… He’s going to be busy working his job and taking care of Prince and “Little Me”….

This coming Sunday we are going on a tour of Alcatraz and Angel Island. I checked and was able to tickets at the last available time slot – 9:30am. We will have to leave Livermore a bit early, but we may avoid some of the crowds by going early. The tour takes around 6 hours to complete – so it should be a fun day. I checked the weather forecast and Livermore is expected to have a high of 91° on Sunday – so it should be a nice day.

I’m still working on completing Railroad Tycoon 3. I have the first 9 scenarios completed – only 7 more to go. I’m getting pretty good at it, but each scenario gets increasingly more difficult to complete… it’s been lots of fun…

Tonight I enjoyed watching Project Runway 5 because they designed clothes for drag queens and the guest judge was RuPaul. This was soo much fun to watch! It was nice to see the queens treated with dignity, as the performers they are. I also liked how they showed them with no makeup on when they came back for their evening fitting. I would upload some pictures, but John would kick my ass… we probably have a $300.00 Verizon bill the way it is…. I need to save this and get off line… John’s starting to give me the “stink eye

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