Greetings from another nice day in West Des Moines, IA…

The weather this month has been great!  Highs in the lower 80’s and lows in the upper 50’s.  Been nice weather for riding my bike around.

Last Saturday I went for a four hour bike ride from West Des Moines to Ankeny via downtown Des Moines.  Bike said I went around 35 miles.  I took a few wrong turns so that is probably right.  Was entirely on off-road trails.  Was planning to go further, but decided enough was enough when faced with a large hill that I did not want to deal with.  So called John and he picked me up.  He was hanging out at Dave’s place – so was not too far for him to go.

Spent Saturday evening with Dave, Don and Troy at Dave’s place.  Don set up their karaoke system and spent a few hours singing, drinking margaritas and having fun…  I ended up doing an embarrassing rendition of Jolene.


Don and Troy belting out a festive tune...

On Sunday I was dragging ass big time.  Partially from being hung over, and partially from the bike ride. We did watch The Hunger Games with my butt firmly planted on the sofa.  I generally enjoyed it.  Liked the modern twist to 1940’s art deco vibe the train and city locations had.  Guess my main complaint is that I felt like I’ve already seen this type of movie several times before… was too predictable.

Sunday afternoon I dropped my bike off at Barr Bike to have them change the back tire and give it a “tune up”.  It has been shifting a bit rough and the tread was worn to the point of showing a red under layer of rubber.  They said part of the problem is that the chain needed to be replaced – was stretched.  Have put on over 500 miles so far this year, so it is probably time to give it some TLC.  They said they will have it ready for me in 4 to 5 days.  Was hoping they could do the work while I waited, but oh well… John has been nice enough to let me ride his big orange bicycle while mine is away…

Work has been going well for me so far this week.  Been getting some major functionality in place for the major project I’m still working on.  My manager keeps telling me that there is “light at the end of the tunnel”, but I’m not so sure.  The more I do, the more I find that needs done….  On and on it goes, oh well….

Last week I ordered some Safavieh rug pad’s to help keep the hallway floor matts in place.  They keep sliding around on the polyester carpeting we had installed earlier this year.  Tried to use some sticky strips from Lowe’s but they did not work.  The rug pads are large felt pads with sticky adhesive on each side.  Ordered them online from Walmart because they offered free shipping to their store.

Received text message today that the pads are in.  So after supper this evening I rode my bike to Walmart to pick them up.  Was 4.8 miles each way – so not as far as I usually go. Have two main complaints about the trip.  The way there was mostly up-hill.  Worst part was incline for the bridge that went over I-235.  Second complaint is that Walmart did not have a bike rack to secure bike to.  They have a bike path that goes right to their store… go figure…  Ended up securing the bike to a metal bench.  This is the first time I’ve been to this Walmart and I hope it is the last….  I hate them with a passion….


Bike all packed up with the rug pads - ready for the ride home.

Made it home with no problem and got the pads installed.  Think they will help, but not sure if they will keep them completely in place.  Time will tell.  Afterwards did my Tuesday night chores – take the garbage cans out to the curb and vacuum the hallways.

Have decided to start working on renewing my Java programming language certification. They have a Java Standard Edition 5 and 6, Certified Associate Exam that I’m going to start with.  So been studying for one hour each evening.  I called it my “Java Hour of Power”.  Going through an online tutorial that Oracle offers for free that goes over the basics.  Most of it seems familiar, but have found quite a few new things and changes to keep things interesting.   Who am I kidding… it’s pretty dry stuff and an hour is about all I can deal with in a single sitting 😉

Not much else going on… off to study Java, play Warcraft, watch TV and fall asleep…

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