Greetings from a hot and humid day in Iowa…

The temps are in the mid-90’s but the oppressive humidity makes it feel warmer.  We have not received any rain in the past week.  Will probably need to run the lawn sprinkler this weekend to keep the grass from completely going dead.

Have not gone on a bike ride the last two nights.  My rump is a bit sore from the long bike rides and the heat/humidity make it not much fun.  Miss getting out and away from the apartment each night.

Tonight we drove over to Valley Junction and checked out the weekly farmers market.  It had a nice mix of produce stands, bakery goods, candles/craft items and food trucks.  I made supper before we went (chipped beef on toast), but next week would like to try some of the vendor’s food – it smelled really good.  Came home with some new white potatoes, cherry tomatoes, a sour cream blueberry coffee cake and large loaf of jalapeño focaccia bread.  Everything set me back $15.50.  No too bad…. Want to use the tomatoes for a pasta salad recipe  that calls for them and potatoes for a dill potato salad made using pressure cooker….


Part of the market


Decisions, decisions.....

 Lots of news stories about the long lines at the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day yesterday.  Found a really well thought out blog posting from another gay couple’s point of view:  The Chick Fellatio: stuck in the craw.  Think it is a good read, regardless of your opinion on the matter.  I’m guilty of eating at Chik-fil-A in the past (mainly in South Carolina and Texax), but have not for years.  Don’t plan to.  Here ends my slightly political few sentences.  🙂 Like to leave the politicizing to John – he enjoys it more…

Today is the 7th Anniversary of the blog.  Was started on 8/2/2005 while staying at Babbler State Park in St. Louis, MO.  The www.archive.org website has taken snapshots of the blog through the years of it that you can check out – the oldest one is from April 30th, 2006.  Is neat to take a peek back in time…

Now that we have not been full time RV’ers for 11 months I have contemplated ending the blog.  Main reason I have not is that we have some “unfinished story lines” that we need to wrap up first.  Mainly John graduating from DeVry University and re-entering the job market with his new skills.  We are hoping that he can find employment in the Des Moines area, but you never know.  We could end up back in the RV following his career, where ever it may take him.  So will keep the blog plodding along for another year… or two 🙂

Upgraded my computer to the Mountain Lion version of OS X today.  So far it has been a non-event.  One of the new features I want to try out is the ability for it to take dictation. Should work by moving your  cursor to a field where you can type, press the Function key twice and start talking.  Will probably drive John nuts 🙂

Not much else going on… going out to water the flower beds, then watch Project Runway, play Warcraft and relax a bit.  Hoping my sore butt starts to feel better so I can go for bike rides this weekend.

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