Greetings from a hot weekend in Oregon…

The temps have finally made it into the mid 90’s the past few days.  The local press says this is the first time in over a year that the temperatures have been this high.  The nice part of warm weather here is that the evenings still cool off.  The air conditioner usually turns off by 10:00am and stays off all night – we keep it at 72.  Our air conditioner has been keeping up nicely.

I’ve worked around 30 hours of overtime in the past week.  Have two projects that need to get finished up sooner then later so been churning out the code.  One of the projects is huge and I’m still not done.  The other project is much easier and it is more or less done… just little tweaks here and there.  Ended up working six hours on Saturday.  Being able to take some “comp time” will come in handy with our move to Iowa.

While I was at work John took the final exam for his database class.  He believes he did well but will not know for several weeks.  About as much fun as waiting for the mortgage to receive a final approval 🙂  He will be taking the final for his statistics class tomorrow (Monday).  He will be very happy to have that class done and behind him.  Then the remainder of the week he prepares for the next session with two new classes.  It’s good that they keep the classes moving, but would have been nice to have had a week break in between…

Speaking of Iowa…. The process of buying a small apartment in West Des Moines, IA continues… slowly…  have not heard anything new since John’s posting.  John is going to call them on Monday (tomorrow) to get a full update.  I still believe it is “in processing”.  It has been four weeks since we started all of this…… so there should be something occurring this week…

Today we went to the Oregon International Air Show in Hillsboro, OR.  I volunteered at “the major financial institution’s” booth for three hours.  Also received a free ticket for John to attend. We drove the jeep to the Lloyd center and then took the Max to Hillsboro – about a 45 minutes trip.

Working at the booth was fun.  I ran a ring toss game for children – prizes were little foam soccer balls – they went over well.  The bank also gave away lots of stuff ranging from chap stick, coloring books, coin purses, band-aid holders, credit card applications and cardboard fans.  The cardboard fans did not last for long because of the temps – people kept asking for them.  Each three hour shift received a large tub of stuff to give away.  New stuff is not brought out until the next shift starts.  We gave most everything away in two hours – so the last hour was slim picking for people – was down to suckers and crayons…..

John enjoyed the air show, but said it was not very big and expected more.  They did have some cool jets going through routines at times.  He spent two hours out in the sun and decided that was enough – so he left earlier then I did.  Will post some pictures John took when he gets them uploaded.


A-10 Jet getting ready to take off


Working the ring toss game at the "Financial Institution's" booth


Large helecopter....

IMG_0618.JPG IMG_0619.JPG

We then meet back up at the Lloyd Center where we had supper.  We went to the little 50’s diner just off the food court.  I enjoyed a Reuben, fries and a chocolate shake.  Their food is a bit expensive and nothing overly special – but we were hungry and tired so it worked out just fine.  We are still not eating out as much, but tonight we splurged a bit.  Yesterday our total food bill was around $10.00 for a frozen pizza and ice cream because the RV park had a free pancake breakfast.

Went and did laundry right after getting back to the RV park this evening.  The laundry room was extra hot with several dryers running.  Was able to find some open machines and get laundry done in 90 minutes.  I’m really going to miss being able to do three or four loads of wash at once when we live in an apartment…  The apartment has a stacked washer and dryer in each unit.

After being out in the sun today I feel just beat tonight…  plus my tummy is still full from supper….  so not feeling over energetic for bike ride… will probably watch The Glee Project, play some Warcraft and then call it quits for the day….

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