Greetings from West Allis, WI…

The weather today was warm, humid and overcast… Don’t think it is going to rain – at least I hope not… don’t want the wax job on the MoHo to get messed up just yet….


5th Blog Anniversary!

Today is the fifth anniversary of my very first blog posting: Link to the August, 1 2005 posting. I remember sitting in our CrossRoads Travel Trailer in the middle of the St. Louis RV park writing the entry – wondering if anyone would ever read it. John gave me some grief about blogging when I started – telling me that I would not keep up with it and it was a waste of time. It took three years before John would finally do a blog posting of his own. That was our first time in St. Louis, MO and we had only been full time RV’ers for only 5 months. We were still not sure if our new lifestyle would actually work out….

The main regret I have with the blog is that I did not start sooner – would have been cool to document the process of selling our house in Wisconsin and starting out as full-timers. After we sold the house in March 2005, John stayed at the State Fair RV Park we are currently at, while working one more month for the trucking company. Now it seems like we’ve gone full circle with John ending up where he started out at…. I was staying at cheap hotels in St. Louis, MO until we were finally united at the end of April 2005.

It’s fun to look back and see where we were on August 1st for the last five years:

August 1, 2006: RV Park in Bloomington, IL while I work for major insurance company. Scott Hicks was also at the RV park with us. We were a few days away from purchasing our current motor home.

August 1, 2007: Barnyard RV Park in Columbia, SC while I worked for a major insurance company. Blog hit 30,000 visitors a month for the first time.

August 1, 2008: Driving across Nebraska and Wyoming on our way to job in Pleasanton, CA. This was our first trip driving out west and it was very exciting for me. Just wish my job in California worked out better…

August 1, 2009: Enduring the heat and homophobia at the Sandy Lake RV park in Carrollton, TX. I was grateful to have a job, but don’t think we would want to do summer in the Dallas, TX area anytime soon….

August 1, 2010: State Fair RV Park in Milwaukee, WI.

It will be interesting to see where the next five years takes us. Our short term plans are to stay here in Milwaukee, WI until the end of October – when my current contract expires. If they want to extend me – we might have to find a way to stay here for the winter. If they do not extend me, then I we will be off to the next contract job. Having a contract end at the end of October worries me a bit because if I don’t find something right away, then the job hunting goes into the holiday season when most employers are not hiring… Time will tell… A year from now I will look back and hopefully smile…..

John just got home.. He had to be at work by 5:00am to fill in for a coworker who is on a canoe trip with his kids. I believe he will have the same hours tomorrow.

The area around the RV park has been a hub of activity this evening. More midway rides are arriving and I see lots of the carnival workers walking by on the way to the bar or gas station to grab some supper. There’s now RV’s and tents setup across the street in the storage areas, along with more rv’s in the park. I’ve also noticed that there is more of a police presence with them patrolling in golf carts and in cars. In the last hour there has been 10 different travel trailers pull in and park. We still do not have any neighbors on either side of us – wonder who we will eventually get? A million dollar Prevost or a $1,000.00 1983 travel trailer from grandma’s back yard.. Either way… just hope we get some fun neighbors that don’t give us the stink eye when we walk outside 🙂

Not much else going on… need to get a PeaPod order in because we are almost out of groceries….

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