Had an interesting day at work – I arrived at 7:10am and found about a dozen of my coworkers standing outside of the building. I thought that the alarm system was malfunctioning and not letting us in – nope. The heating system was accidentally turned on over the weekend and the interior of the building was around 100 degrees. I spent 15 minutes standing outside until someone said that the K cafeteria was nice and cool. The k cafeteria is built underground between several buildings and was not effected by the heat in the building I work in. I waited until 8:30 and then made it to my desk on the 4th floor. Even then the air was in the upper-80’s. By 10:30 it was back to almost normal temperature.

John and I went out for supper tonight to a Chinese Buffet (we decided to eat naughty food tonight). My fortune cookie said “When you gather all of your resources together, goals are accomplished”. John has his truck driving and his flight physical this Wednesday – so he wanted to eat some good food before he starts to fast and get ready for his physical.

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