I make it home from work at 5:15pm and John had supper ready – it was very nice of him 😉 John has had the ability to post on this blog for the last two weeks, but just has not gotten around to it I guess. I will have to remind him this evening…

Last night I started working on the programming for the Village of Thomson, IL. I’m having a bit of a problem because the DOS version of FoxBase does not support the exporting of data into a comma delimited file. It will import comma delimited data just fine….. I would like to upgrade them to the latest of Visual FoxPro 9.0 so I need to call and get permission to order it…

In the last few days my big toe on my right foot has been bothering me. It started out hurting just a little bit a few days ago while walking with Scott, but now it is throbbing. I was unable to go on my morning walk this morning because it hurt so much. I think I have re-injured an old injury. I made an appointment with a podiatrist to have it checked out. They can’t get me in until next Monday….

John had Monday off of work and got lots of stuff done around the motor home. He also finished some of the organization stuff I started inside.. I’m sure Prince demonstrated some of his deep relaxation techniques for John to try out – sleeping on the couch, sleeping on the bed, sleep on the front dash board, sleeping on the captain chairs….

Tonight I made vegetarian sloppy joes from a mix made by Fantastic Foods – there were actually pretty good – even John didn’t mind them. I also have their vegetarian taco product that I will have to try….

After supper I sat outside and studied the ham radio exam book. I went back over the metric conversion section – I will need to know some basic metric conversions like converting mega hertz to hertz and etc…. It is not too difficult as long as I can remember the order of the different units…

Not much else going on….

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