Me on the groin

Here is a picture of me at the beach that Stacey sent to me – I did not know that she snapped it. I’m standing on one of the “groins” at the beach:

The “groins” are part of erosion control along the beach – they are basically stones with concrete poured over them. They seem to be doing a good job.

I had a bad day yesterday and had to come home early due to illness. I went out to eat with two of my coworkers (Norm and Wes) to Texas Roadhouse and I had several tall glasses of root beer. We had really slow service and the waiter kept bringing more and more root beer to the table. Most root beer does not have caffeine in it, but this kind did… I was fine until I got back to work and sat down – the the room started to spin, I got a headache, my eyes became very sensitive to light and I felt very queasy. I have no tolerance for the type of caffeine that is put in soda so I got sick and had to go home to the motor home and lay down in the darkened bedroom. I should have known better not to drink soda… I need to stick with Tea – for some reason the caffeine in tea does not negatively effect me…

Today I made it through the work day, but I still feel queasy, and my eyes are still sensitive to light……

Robert in Palm Springs emailed me a link (click here for the news article) to a news article about how a Christian group from Kansas will be picketing outside a Memorial service for Tammy Faye at the Church she attended for the last 20 years. I think it is supper crappy that this church can not be left alone to remember Tammy Faye in peace… I hope the weather is very hot and humid for the picketers – give them a taste of where they will eventually end up 🙂

I’m still watching Canadian Idol – on Monday evening I watched as Tara was eliminated – they are now down to 5 contestants.

Host Ben announcing that Tara has the lowest number of votes last week.

It is a bit sad to see each of the contestants getting voted off… It will be interesting to see who gets voted off this week. My favorites are still Carly and Dwight.



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