Kitchen area where I work - Santa Claus basket and all (CIBER, Santa... It's all good)

Work was work – nothing eventful. CIBER is getting ready for an open house next week so they are putting more decorations and flowers out around the office. Here is a picture I took of the kitchen area with the Santa Claus basket – precious!:

John had Kevin from A to Z RV Repair stop by tonight to look at the water leak. He discovered the leak is coming from the pipe that connects the two water tanks. The pipe is speed welded to the tank and the leak is where the pipe is connected to one of the tanks. Kevin is going to stop by later this week and use a plastic welder to seal the leak. If he is unable to get the leak sealed then we will need to obtain a new tank….. John is very impressed that Kevin is willing to come to our RV and work on it – he seems very knowledgeable. He explained to John that earlier today he was working on replacing a rubber roof, the plywood and supports under it for a Forrest River Wildwood trailer….

John has been working on getting our “Full Timers” insurance policy in place. It is quite a bit more expensive now that we live in a motor home…


John and Scott having intense conversation about future projects...

Here is a picture of Scott and John discussing wifi antennas and their next projects:

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