I’m still not feeling the greatest – my head still feels queasy and I have a headache, but I feel better then I did yesterday. I’m happy that tomorrow is the last work day this week. I have known for the last two months that my direct manager will be leaving the company I’m working for and during a meeting today it was announced that he will be leaving in the next 2 or 3 weeks…. This should make the next few weeks interesting to see who will be back filling his responsibilities….

I purchased a circa 1978 “Science Fair Digital Computer Kit” on ebay last week and it arrived in the mail.

Digital Computer Kit

I have started to play with it – it is basically a system where you wire together a bunch of on and off switches so they perform simple logic puzzles. Calling this a “computer” is a stretch, but it is still fun…. John thinks that I’m a big dork…..

We had a thunder storm this morning and finally got some rain. The weather is in the upper 90’s, but there is actually a cool breeze that makes things a bit more tolerable.

I was doing some searching about Edisto beach on the web today and found an article about the “Bell Bouy Seafood” shop where we purchased seafood with the Hanson’s last weekend – the article says that they are closing the shop in October. This is a bit sad because they have been in business for 37 years and are considered to be a landmark by many. You can check out the article here. It appears that our first visit there will be our last…..

John found someone he works with who will be able to repair his defective captain seat. Tomorrow evening John will work on disassembling the chair and removing the sliding mechanism section with the defective part. He hopes that it will come apart enough so he can just take the sliding mechanism with the broken weld to the guy to repair.

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