Hello all, John here.

Weather here today is absolutely perfect, mid 70’s and sunny. Derek and I went to breakfast about 9 at LeMenge Cafe, this is the second time we have eaten there, and the food is pretty good, but the diner is a bit strange. It is in a strip mall, and the decor and name would lead you to believe it is a China Buffet kind of place, but they serve mostly American food. It may be a re-branded Chinese place, but they pulled out the furniture and put in booths like you would find in an A&W. The server is always very nice to us.

Upon returning Derek wanted to get Laundry done, so he went off to do that, I decided to clean house some. Now, he is off at the Grocery Store getting items for next week and his first attempt at Guacamole.

We are both looking forward to seeing Alcatraz tomorrow. Then Monday I have my first day of Orientation at the Home Depot. I am holding my reservations on this adventure, right now I am only luke warm about the whole thing. Yes, I sort of look forward to the interaction with people, but so far I haven’t been overwhelmed with the staff. The initial interview was interesting. I was 10 minutes early as I normally am, and then was asked to wait over 45 minutes. After waiting, the store manager handed me off to the front end supervisor to do what seemed was his first interview, and of course he followed the “Home Depot Structured Interview”. Yeah, Structured Interviews for a cashier… Anyhow, they offered the job pending drug and background check, which came back last Tuesday. Wednesday they called me to come in to sign final paperwork, in which I was again 10 minutes early, and this time waited for over an hour for the manager. The Store Manager I am guessing is quite new, since on of his “Helpers” was walking through the on-line on-boarding process. I asked him to change my residence address to WI, and he basically blew me off, I wasn’t impressed. They make a big deal about saying “Oh we pay you for 2 hours for you to complete this paperwork, and it should only take 30 minutes.” well, with the waiting involved I was off the clock before it was done. In any case, I start orientation Monday. Various friends of ours have placed wagers on how long I will make it, and if I will end up on the Nightly news or not…

Derek is back from the store, and making his guacamole.

That’s all I got, so hope everyone is doing well.


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