The weather is getting a bit cooler out finally – it was only in the 80’s today and not as humid … a nice change from the humid 90+ temperatures we have been enduring.

Another typical day at work – the pressure is still on to get the last bug fixes and etc done with TeamSpace Office – we are supposed to be going “live” with it tomorrow. My boss is starting to decide what must work when user start using it and what can wait until after we go live to fix.. I have one more big item to complete – I have it 90% completed – would have it done but I had a nasty headache this afternoon and left work right at 5:00pm… I will probably go to computer consultant hell for leaving “early” without my task done.. I will probably be working some this weekend – we need to get TeamSpace Partners (the extra-net version of TeamSpace Office) done by next Wednesday…

At the campground we have noticed another camper with a little rainbow flag in the window – but have not seen anyone outside of it. Tonight when I came home I saw two guys sitting outside of it – a confirmed homo sighting!! Once I changed out of my work clothes I decided to go over, introduce my self and be social… One guy is originally from Belize and now lives in St. Louis and the other guy is here visiting him. We chatted for 45 minutes, they seem nice so I invited them to Novack’s for beer and burgers on Friday.

John does not know about my social endeavors this evening – he is attending “ground school” at the airport his evening… I’m sure he will roll his eyes and have some interesting comments for me.

I’m still working on the layout of this blog – you may notice some of the side panel items are being moved around and some more items are being added… I suspect this blog will always be under construction….

Sometime this week I want to add a list of my favorite PodCasts to the right side panel. Pod-Casts are like radio programs that you can download and listen to anytime. Apple’s iTunes software makes this really easy to do. There are quite a few Pod-Casts that are created by GLBT people. My favorite Pod-Cast is still “Luck Bitch Radio with Wanda Wisdom”. You can check it out at: http://luckybitchradio.com Wanda is just a hoot – and actually does have some thought provoking ideas/thoughts mixed in with her silliness…. I like to listen to her while I program at work (shhh… don’t tell my boss)…

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