My foot is feeling much better today. I plan on walking with Scott for an hour in the morning as a stress test to see if it starts hurting again, or not. This weekend I want to buy some new shoes for hiking. The Columbia shoes I have are 5 years old and don’t have much tread left on the soles. I want to find some that have the elastic shoe laces so I can slip them on and off easily. I will check at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bass.

I meet Scott for lunch at Bangkok Thai for lunch. The lady who works there knows us know – she remembered what Scott likes to order – Chicken Larb with extra slice of Lime. I had to pass up the free soup because it had chicken in it.

John came home and discovered that the hardware/software package that connects a computer to the Winnebagos engine was delivered to his work place without him noticing it. This softrware/hardware package is sold by Silver Leaf Electronics. John also ordered a used laptop from a vender on eBay that should be fast enough to run the Silver Leaf software along with mapping software – it should arrive tomorrow. He plans to mount it on the dash so he can monitor the engine stats while going down the road.

We decided to have supper at Ruby Tuesday’s because it was close to Advance. I had a veggie burger and fries and it was just OK. The burger was huge and started to taste a bit like soybeans once it cooled down…

After supper and after picking up the package at Advance I went to one of the local dog parks with Scott and his Italian Greyhound, Molly. This is the first time I have ever been to a dog park and I discovered that the people at them like to socialize just as much as the dogs.


Scott and Molly

Here is a picture of Scott and Molly:

We stayed at the park for 45 minutes and it seemed like Molly had enough so we left.

I received notification that my Polly Pocket’s travel bug was picked up today at one geocache and placed at another cache somewhere along Route 66. You can check out her progress at this URL: Polly Pocket’s Adventure. Go Polly, Go!

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