It is the rainy season again in Missouri. It started to rain around 1:00pm while I was at work. I was sitting at my desk listening to the rain (while programming my little heart out) and then I got this sinking feeling – Did I close the sunroof on the Subaru Baja this morning? I could not just sit there and let my car fill up with water (been there and done that before) so I borrowed an umbrella, went downstairs to ground level and started to walk out to the parking lot. About 1/2 to my car, it started to lightning and thunder really bad – and really close. I made it to the car just in time for a very nasty bolt of lightning to strike close to where I was. I quickly got in the Subaru – it was dry – the sunroof was closed. I sat there for 10 minutes watching the rain, listening to the static on the radio speakers when the lightening struck, and thinking about how this was not the smartest thing I have ever done before going back in to work.

During my lunch break I added the list of my favorite Pod-Casts – both of them. I listen to a few more pod-casts – but I don’t consider them to be my favorite. I listen to “Inside Mac Radio” and “Lucky Bitch Radio” everyday. I like either really nerdy popd-casts, or ones that feature Drag Queens. I need to check out a site that Wanda Wisdom talks about on her pod-cast called Q-Podder that lists many of the pod-casts created by and for gays…. I will probably find more varied pod-casts that I like…

When I made it back to the camper this evening it was raining hard again. The water was pouring out of the entrance of the RV park because it is just one big parking lot there is nowhere for the water to go, except downhill and out the main entrance…. I called John on the phone asking him to stand outside of the camper with an umbrella and hold it over my head while I got out of the car so I don’t get my hair wet again. He refused – stating that we do not own an umbrella….

After making supper (pork chops and cauliflower), my ass was glued to the couch. I watched Modern Marvels on the History channel – First History of Glue, then Rubber and then Paint….. I need a life, but I was too brain fried to find one and John was surfing the web using my laptop….

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