Hello all, John here again.

Just want to thank you all for your confidence in me at the new big orange box… Just got done with day one of Borientation. Actually it went well, our facilitator, Les, keeps things quite lively, and it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought. I am walking away a bit surprised, and as you can imagine, listening very intently for the hidden messages, and understated policies. I an a bit taken back by the amount of benefits they put into each employee, especially part time employees. Granted, I would rather have this money just paid out as a higher wage, but for an entry level retail job they offered a fair wage, insurance, paid sick/personal time, bereavement, jury duty (Paid), vacation time (week after 1 year, 2 after 2, and 3 after 6, up to 5). We will talk more about the specifics of them tomorrow, but so far, and me being a total skeptic and not holding my breath, I am impressed that such a place would have such a long list of warm fuzzies. We will see…

My other big event of the day, yesterday I got the Verizon bill (on-line it was Sunday…) and yes, it was high. I did send an e-mail off to their customer service questioning why we still had insurance on Derek’s line since I requested it be dropped 3 months ago. I gotta hand it to the big V, they really are on top of their game. Christina called me today in response to the email, and said she was crediting me back the 3 months insurance cost because she can see in the account notes when I called to have it removed. She apologized sincerely, then questioned our high usage on the broadband plan. I explained the situation, and she offered a higher level plan that is “off the books” or as they say a “Customer Save tool”, which was $199.00 a month for 10 gigs, which if our usage was that high consistently, or if yours is, it is a good deal considering the $.25 a meg (That’s $256.00 a gig over 5). I explained we were having DSL installed, and really didn’t need to go that route, then she offered (I didn’t ask) to credit me back 1/2 of our current overage of $180.00. I said hell yeah! So, even with loosing out unlimited contract with Sprint, I can say this was a good switch back to Verizon. I have almost forgiven them now for shutting us off. On the trip here, we clearly illustrated that the Verizon coverage was at least twice as good as the Sprint coverage, and their customer service has clearly been fixed for the better. Hopefully it lasts.

That was my day, traffic sucks, and I am glad tomorrow is the last day I really have to go any kind of distance to work (35 miles, which took 1 1/2 this am, and about 45 on the way home). So, I am tiring to keep an open mind, and maybe the Home Depot will become the ultimate portable work camper job… We will see.


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