It is cool that John did a posting today – so now you get two…..


ohn getting help from Prince while installing the VMSpc system.

We had a good day of getting stuff done around the motor home. John managed to get the Silver Leaf VMSpc software and hardware installed. The Winnebago’s engine and transmission is now able to communicate with the laptop John has on the dashboard. It is amazing to see how many different statistics the engine’s computer keeps. The lifetime average miles per gallon is 7.6. This seems to be reasonable – we have no way of knowing the driving habits of the previous owners.

John is now working on connecting the composite output from the laptop to the overhead TV. The picture is a bit grainy, but not too bad. The tough part will be finding a way to get the video cable from the laptop to the switch box in the component cabinet above the drivers side.

Scott scheduled Stanley Steamer to stop by and clean the carpeting and couch in his motor home – so we also had ours done. They got more of the stains removed from the carpeting, but there are still some that just will not budge. The carpet is drying well – should be completely dry by morning.

I stopped by the Normal library and picked up “The Vegetarian Times” cookbook – looks like some interesting recipes that I will have to try.

We had Scott over for supper. I prepared salad, cheese tortellini and garlic bread. Everything turned out well.

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