I walked through the closest flea market this morning – did not buy anything. We spent most of today being bored and watching movies because of the nasty heat and humidity. John wanted to replace the oil in the motor homes generator, but did not feel like sweating his ass off…..

We watched “The Night Listener” starring Robin Williams and “The Good German” starring George Clooney and Toby Maguire.

I enjoyed The Night Listener – it was a good somewhat gay-themed thriller. I read the book and found the ending of the movie to be very different from what I read. The DVD had a small documentary on it that explained how it was based on an actual events that the author Armistead Maupin found himself involved in.

The Good German was filmed in black in white – it emulated film noir from the 1950’s. I liked how it was scored by an orchestra and used now-antiquated film techniques. The plot was interesting, but the dialog seemed kinda dorky – especially Toby’s lines…. John did not appreciate it being in black and white, but it did keep his attention….


Science Fair Digital Computer - wired up and running a program.

While watching movies I worked with the toy Digital Computer kit. I wired three more of the projects – these took me around 30 minutes each to complete. Here is a picture of the Digital Computer with a completed “hard-wired” program:

The “program” it is running is a match game. There are five words on the left that you match with five related words on the right. (For example: Include matches Exclude). If you match correctly the “Good” light lights up and if you are incorrect, the “No Good” light lights up…. how exciting 🙂 To keep track of which wires I have in place, I photo copy each project and use a marker to highlight each completed wire on the diagram. My goal is to wire up all 100 projects….


John and his helper checking on the band plan

John spent some time researching Ham Radio antennas. He is wanting to get an antenna that will tune on 80 meters. Here is a picture of John checking on the band plan with his little helper:

I usually do laundry on Sunday night, but it is currently raining out – so I will probably put it off until tomorrow evening. We really need the rain – so I’m not complaining…

Not much else going on….

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