I spent most of the day at work putting together the programming around adding non-Monsanto employees to TeamSpace Partners. I have the basic programming in place, but the interface and programming is still a bit rough. My boss, Trent, likes to use this programming methology where you quickly put just enough of the system together to prove that it will work. Then you keep going over the system and keep adding enhancements until it is completed. This is not how I usually program – I like to create the menus, user interface and all of the pretty things first and then add the functionality to the user interface.

John is very sick today. He is running a high temperature, fever and has spent most of the day in bed. I feel really sorry for him – wish I could make him feel better….. I hope he can get some sleep tonight.. he was up all last night….

I’m going out to eat chicken with Perry and Darren – figured it would give John some quiet time to sleep and I don’t have to make supper. John does not like to eat meat that has bones in it – so he would not want to go even if he was feeling well.

Later tonight I’m going to send Wanda Wisdom an email with a photo of myself letting him know how much I enjoy his Pod-Cast and etc..

I thought about doing a Pod-Cast, but I don’t think I enough things to say that anyone would want to listen to. If I did one, I would call it “Derek’s Ride Home” and record it while driving from work to home each day. You could listen to me commenting about the other drivers cutting me off, my day at work and my views on life…. I might try it, but I think it would come across as being more stupid then enjoyable to listen to.

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