It’s a heat wave here in Livermore – the high temps were in the upper 90’s… at least it is a dry heat!

John finished his second day of instruction at the training center yesterday and today was his first day at the actual store where he will be working. He spent the day in front of a PC going through some computer based training. I asked his what they were like and what the topics were, but he would not elaborate – just said “the same crap I’ve done before” – anyway he has one more day of CBT and then he starts his actual job. So far it seems like his experience has been pretty decent…

My work days are starting to get a bit busier. I’m starting to get involved with several projects, but at times it still feels like I’m moving in slow motion to get things completed. For example today I finished fixing a bug on a database on a development server. I then needed to move the two lines of programming changes to Staging for testing. I used the funky tool to do the move and it seemed to work. I then attempted to preview the database in the web browser – would not let me sign in. I checked with coworker and discovered that I made changes to a version of the database that never made it into production. He sent me a link to the proper database in development to make changes to. The new database was build with an older version of Lotus Notes that I don’t have loaded on my PC. I checked around and discovered that I needed to submit a service request to get the older software installed. In order to submit a service request, I need to sign into a help desk ticket system to submit a ticket to have the software installed. I attempted to sign into the ticket system, but was unable to – so I called the help desk. They reset my password, but I received an error message that said I don’t have access to the system. The help desk says that my manager needs to request that I have access to the system. So I sent an email off to my manager, and he replied back with a person’s name that I should contact to get access. So I sent an email to this person and received an out of office message – will not be back until Monday…. so by that time it was time to head to the bus stop for the trip home…. I will have to keep dealing with this tomorrow….

I had a little laugh on the way home. When you pull the cord to request that you want to be let off at the next stop, a digital sign at the front of the bus says “Stop Requested”. Tonight the sign messed up and omitted the “S”… I think the bus was reading my mind….. 😉

I made it home before John and got supper started… We had some type of Hamburger Helper… it was just ok… at least it was fast and easy to make…. This is the first time i’ve made supper during the week since we’ve been in California…. I miss having John home….. last night I asked him to fax some papers and have a package shipped.. only to be reminded that he would be at work all day… seems like “Team Derek” has become a “self service organization” again…. 😉

We are still waiting on having the DSL service to start working. It is scheduled to be operational next Monday, but I’ve been turning the DSL modem on each morning and evening to see if is working yet. The telephone service was turned on early – so I’m hoping the DSL will also be early…. Having a phone line in the motor home has been a bit odd. The only phone calls we receive are from telemarketers… something we’ve not had to deal with for the last four years…. John is good at dealing with the telemarketers phone calls – he gets angry and tells them “Take me off your list… and don’t call again… SLAM” It’s kinda hot seeing him get all worked up….

I still have not received last weeks paycheck… the consulting company messed up my direct deposit which made it necessary to mail me a check… and now the check has not arrived… this consulting company has been “high maintenance”… seems like they just don’t have it all together…..

Not much else going on. I’m off to play some more Railroad Tycoon 3 – I only have 4 more scenario’s to complete…..

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