Greetings from a soon-to-be-fall day in Iowa.

The temps have been a little warmer this week – getting highs in the mid-90’s with high humidity.  Last Saturday it rained all day long and most of the evening.  The rain was much needed and helped the lawn come to a complete recovery.  The ground continues to be moist even tonight.

The leaves have started to fall. The bike paths through the woods are getting a layer of dry leaves.  Glad “Bob the lawn guy” will be taking care of our leaves this fall.  Having two oak trees and a maple tree makes it quite a job.

Work has been busy.  Still working on the “project that keeps on giving”.  Received new specifications for a group of financial calculations that receive values from a web service.  So having to redo getting the values from the web service and plugging them into the correct fields.  Feels like it is the fourth time I’ve redone this part of the programming.  Think it is getting better each time I re-do it.  By the end of the week I will be at the point where I have everything in place and full testing can start.  Then I will need to tweak and update the programming when bugs are found.  I actually like the process of receiving and fixing bugs because it give me very specific items to work on.  The more specific the problem they report, the easier it usually is to track down and fix.  With my luck I will get vague bug reports that say “It does not work. ” 🙁

We are starting to get ready for a fall trip in the motor home to a state park in the middle of Illinois.  Really not much to do to prepare except purchase groceries, stock the liquor cabinet and put some clothes in.  Would like to purchase new lawn chairs for the trip, but is not in the budget.  We really don’t have any budget..

Last Saturday morning John had his final test for the semester.  Only one of his classes had a final test – so was not too bad.  He finished it in under three hours.  Bad part is that he will not get his grades until Sept. 9th.  So next week he will be starting his final two classes – a resume building /personality assessment type of class and his senior project.  His senior project is going to suck because he will be paired up with another student.  I feel sorry for whoever John will be working with.  His past experiences working on group projects were a nightmare, so hoping this one is not and he graduates on a happy note.

John’s job search has officially started.  He has his resume out on several job websites and is starting to get responses.  Would be cool for him to have employment all lined up for when he graduates at the end of October.  He could start working sooner, but he would have to get his school work done in the evenings and weekend.

Not much else going on.  Going to play Warcraft for a bit, watch TV and call it a night.

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