John is feeling a bit better today, but he is still not 100%. He was able to eat some supper tonight. He will probably be able to go to work tomorrow if he can get a good nights sleep.

I finally got laundry done – I did four loads. Going to the State Fair last weekend put my laundry duties off schedule.

Ended up going to work for a few hours this afternoon. I got most of the member registration programming completed for TeamSpace Partners. Tomorrow (Monday) will be the first day that we actually have users trying to use the TeamSpace Office software. It is always interesting to see what bugs the end users will find right away. I provide end-user support for the old TeamSpace software, so now I get to support new and old TeamSpace… I don’t mind providing support – I like helping people become productive….

The campground is filling up more tonight – not sure why. Friday and Saturday had the campground at around 50% capacity, now it is around 75%. We do not have anyone camping right next to us – so we can still park the car and truck next to us.

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