I went to the podiatrist today to have my big toe looked at. They x-rayed it and determined that I’m starting to get arthritis in my big toe. They bandaged up my foot and added a support under my toe so I can’t flex it as much. The doctors assistant was young, handsome and had really nice blue eyes so I did not mind him working on my foot. They advised me to obtain walking shoes that have a rigid sole that does not flex very much. I go back in two weeks for a follow up.

Work was fine – I’m still converting insurance forms…. I got really wet walking from work to the parking garage in the pouring rain. We had our daily downpour right as I was leaving. I had pretty much stopped by the time I got home….

After work I fixed supper (Mac cheese and mini cheese brushetta’s) and then worked on the meter reading programming for the Village of Thomson – I’m trying to get it finished this week…. John spent some time taking down the lovely framed artwork from Winnebago and hung our own pictures up. I got the sewing machine out and fixed several pairs of paints that were missing buttons…..


Fixing John's pants...

We are both looking forward to the season finale of Kyle XY on ABC Family.

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