Greetings from the lush state of Oregon…

Weather was a little unsettled today.  In the morning it was cool, overcast and had some damp sprinkles for an hour.  Then this afternoon the sun came out and made for a nice day with temps in the upper 70’s.

We received some good news from the mortgage lady in Iowa.  We received full loan approval from underwriting – it is just subject to a satisfactory appraisal.  The appraisal is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning and we don’t expect any issues with it.  Will be interesting to see what they appraise it at…  So looks like everything is a go for us purchasing the small apartment building… 🙂

Now that we know the deal is going through, we can start to make more definite plans.  John called Comcast in Iowa to get the process of having internet installed started.  Our general plan is to turn off the satellite dish in the RV and just go with Cable in the apartment.  Should be easier and cheaper in the long run.    I’m sure things will become quite busy for us as the closing date (Sept. 29th) gets closer.

John started his classes today.  His assignments are to start reading chapters in the text books.  I need to stay very quite tonight or he scowls at me and says “I’m trying to read- keep it down”….  Guurrll has an attitude…. 😉

Work was extremely busy today.  Spent most of the day getting things in place for the two major projects that are going live on Thursday.  Sent off approval sign-off’s and started filling out all of the paperwork that goes through approvals before the move is allowed to occur.  It’s a standard process, but still takes time to get’er done…. Tomorrow I hope to be able to work on the large project that I’ve been spending lots of overtime trying to get completed…

Not much else going one – going to head out for my evening bike ride then come back and play Warcraft for a while.  Did not play at all over the weekend so looking forward to it tonight.

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