Work it, Girl!!

I started out the morning by going on a walk with Scott and Molly. It was a bit cool out so Molly was wearing one of her coats (from the Paris Hilton collection?) – it was very cute!. Here is a picture of Scott and Molly I took with my cell phone camera:

Today I set myself up to be able to chat online. I’m using a chat client named “Adium X” that is similar in functionality to “Trillian” for PC’s. Adium lets me be signed into several chat services at the same time – it is only available for OS X. Adium X has a cute green duck icon – it’s eyes are closed when you are not connected and they open up when you connect online:


Adium X Logo

I’m setup on AOL, Yahoo and MSN as “DrEtnyre”. I’m setup in iChat as “detnyre”. Feel free to chat with me if you see me online.

Tonight John is working late and Scott is in Rockford so I will have the motor home to myself. I plan on working on the programming for the Village of Thomson. I hope to get it completed by the end of the week.

My toe is doing better – still sore, but not too bad… I need to go shoe shopping but I don’t feel like doing it tonight…

The server this blog is hosted on is having problems – the hosting company, Blue Domino, is working on fixing it. If you get an error message – just keep hitting the refresh button – it will eventually load…. yuck!!

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