I had another typical day at work. Went out for lunch with coworkers to Very’s Philadelphia again – they have good food and good service. Not many restaurants in the area where I work have mastered this combination so we stick with the good ones.

One of my coworkers, Leslie, is leaving to work for another company, so I’m organizing a farewell luncheon for her at Carrabba’s Italian Grill next Thursday. Picking a place for the farewell gatherings is a bit of an art form – you want some place close to work and not too expensive. If it is too far to drive or the menu is pricey then many coworkers do not show up….

Tonight I did some minor maintenance work to the Village of Thomson’s Billing system. I’m able to dial into their computer and work remotely over the internet. This sure beat the way it used to be when they did not internet access and I needed to show up in person to make changes. The system has been in use (in one form or another) since 1990 and I can only remember two big emergencies that I had to change my plans, drive to Thomson, IL and fix the problem.

John has been studying for the General ham radio exam that he will be sitting for this weekend. He is doing really well and will probably do better then I did. I missed 4 questions out of 35…. Once he passes the General exam he will be able to communicate on more HF bands. This means that he can communicate over a larger distance. We will eventually start to study for the final exam – the Extra exam which will give us access to all ham radio bands. The Extra license does not give you a massive amount of new capability, but it is more of a matter of pride that you did it…..

We both have this Friday and the following Monday off of work. We are planning on leaving for the hamfest on Friday morning and returning on either Sunday or Monday – depending on how good the fest is. I’m looking forward to checking out the vendors and tailgators – I hope to find some cool old retro computer stuff and I’m also looking for a kit transceiver that I can assemble and use for CW (Morse Code) communications. It is not a good hamfest until John whines about the “junk” that I’ve purchased. I explain to him that it is not simply “junk” – it is more like “retro junque” – there is a difference.

My drivers license expires on my birthday next month (Sept. 8th) and needs to be renewed. To avoid having to drive to Wisconsin to renew my license, I can go to an optometrist, have my eyes examined and have the Doctor complete a form that says I’m not blind. I send this form along with a renewal to the Wisconsin DMV and they will probably send me a new license. The best part is that I get to keep my old DMV photo 🙂

Not much else going on – we both have one more day of work before our for day weekend at the hamfest… yeah!!

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