Work was nothing special – completed a few more insurance forms.

The RV repair guy stopped by around 5:15 pm and checked to make sure the plastic weld he did earlier is not leaking. John spent an hour or so with him. The repair guy also noticed that we are missing a bolt on the suspension so John is going to run out yet tonight and see if he can track one down. It is larger then what they carry at Advance.

I’ve started watching “Project Runway” on Bravo and now I’m hooked… It is fun watching creative people design things. I have not decided who I would like to win…

Tomorrow night I need to do laundry and get the motor home ready for the weekend in Milwaukee. It should not be too difficult to get everything completed.

I’m still working on the programming for the Village of Thomson – it has been slow going because I’m programming using 1988 technology – I call it “Retro Programming”.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month and the last day of my not eating challenge. It was not too difficult for me thanks for veggie burgers and other soybean based food products. I want to stop by the gym tomorrow night and see how my weight is doing. My clothes are fitting a bit looser so I think my weight is down a bit.

I have been thinking about my eating habits for the next month and this is what I have decided:

For the next 30 days I will be going back on the South Beach Diet and not eat any red meat or cheese. I will eat chicken, seafood and lots of low carb veggies. This will be starting on 9-1-2006. Because this is going to be more difficult for me, and my birthday is on Sept. 8th, I’m going to allow myself one cheat meal each week where I can eat what I want….

I’m sure John will be thrilled about my eating habits for the next 30 days…. I think he was getting annoyed by not eating any meat for supper…

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