I’m tired tonight – not sure why, I didn’t do much today… I went to a going-away lunch for one of my co-workers, Ronda, at a Lonestar Steakhouse that is close to where we work. We had a group of around 34 people, but the restaurant did a good job of accommodating us. I had a Monterey chicken dish with a side of fries and coleslaw – it was good. Next week I will be going to two more going away luncheons for employees who are leaving… one at Little Pigs BBQ and one at the Olive Garden… they should both be fun.

I went to Sears Optical today and got my vision checked for the Wisconsin DMV. My vision has not changed in the past year and my current eye glass prescription is still exactly right. This is a relief – I figured that my vision would have changed just enough that I would need a different set of glasses….

Tonight we were planning on getting the motor home ready to go, but it is raining out – so we will do it all in the morning – should not be too big of a deal. John does the outside and I do the inside tasks. It usually takes us around an hour to have everything stowed away. The biggest pain is taking down the solar shades from the front windows and disconnecting the internet. We are looking forward to spending time at the hamfest “wallowing in old computers, radios and misc electronic junk”….

I will probably have a big announcement early next week. I can’t say much about what it is yet……. so check back 😉

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