Greetings from another happy sunny day in Oregon…

Yep it is really nice outside… just came back from bike ride around the park.  John “don’t mean to be a bitch, but back off a little” was too busy to go along 🙁 Park is starting to fill up for the weekend – saw half a dozen RV’s get setup while tooling around….

Work continues to be extremely busy for me… working hard to get some projects completed on time.  So far things are looking good for all of the projects except for one…  The one project will probably be late, but it is not as critical as the other ten so not overly concerned.  Have still been brining my own lunch to work – this week its been ham sandwich with a cheap frozen Michelinas entrees.  Been getting them for a $1.00 each, but you open them up and think “that’s it?” Oh well… they are actually more filling then you would think…. plus the price is right.

Went ice skating last night while John had a live online lecture to listen to. Started skating at 7:30pm and did not leave until 9:00pm.  Figured I should get my moneys worth.. since I have to pay to skate because not taking lessons.  Spent most of the time practicing the backwards crossovers – they are getting easier to do.  Starting to not look at my skates when I do the crossover… a bad skating habit of mine that I need to break… need to keep looking back over my shoulder…

The processing of purchasing the small apartment building in West Des Moines, IA continues.  Today received confirmation from mortgage lady in Iowa that they received our paperwork back.  They have submitted everything to underwriting and they will let us know if they need anything else from us.  They basically told us “don’t call us, we’ll call you” when they have final answer from underwriting – sometime in the next week.

So we get to wait around and worry about underwriting not liking something about us and having the purchase not go through.  I’m sure everything will be fine… but I still worry….  what if…  we could end up spending the winter in  Arizona…. 🙂

The next few weeks will be “the quiet before the storm” – things will become hectic when we get closer to closing time.  Then after closing it will get even worse as we set up our apartment….

Watched the latest episode of Project Runway Australia – the designers had their moms show up and then each designer had to made an outfit for someone else’s mom.  My favorite designer is Johnny Schembri and he won this week:

Johnny Schembri - Australian boy who can sew... Yummy!

Looking forward to the watching the American version of Project Runway tonight.  Hope they have a fun challenge… like make a dress out of plastic wrap and plastic gems in three hours. 🙂

Not much else going on… time to relax…  and get mentally prepared for another busy day of programming.  Prince has been teaching me some of his advanced relaxation techniques:


Deep relaxation technique #4 - the "Wilted Pussy"


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