Greetings from a lazy weekend in Iowa….

We had a thunderstorm roll through on Saturday morning that brought us some much needed rain and lower temps.  Today the high temp was 80 with a nice breeze.  The lawn has started to perk up a bit today as a result.


Finally some rain....

Woke up on Friday morning with a sore right foot – the bursitis decided to act up again.  Have no idea what triggered it – though my foot problems were slowly getting better….  Been taking lots of ibuprofen and putting ice on it to help things along.  This afternoon the swelling and pain is finally going down….

Saturday morning we give Prince a bath in the kitchen sink.  Prince deals with the sink better then the bath tub.


Prince all lathered up


Still a little damp - but smells like TreSEMME shampoo :)

Saturday afternoon we went to the Valley West mall to get my hair cut. John went along for something to do. Then we went to Fairway to get groceries for the week. I usually go later in the day so the store was busier then that I was used to.  Was not too bad – just had to maneuver the shopping cart around other shoppers a bit.  John was along so I spent more then usual. Came to $116.00, but part of that was cleaning supplies for the bathroom.  This is the first week where all of our groceries came from Fairway.

This morning did not do much besides play Warcraft and put ice on my foot.  In the afternoon  we headed over to Office Max so John could purchase an 8 gig usb thumb drive.  He is using it to setup an emergency boot/installation disk for OS X Mountain Lion.  If something goes wrong with our computer, can use the drive to boot and fix…

While out and about we also dropped off some items at Goodwill – just some old dishes and shirts that I don’t wear any more.

Not much else going on.  Going to start making supper in a few minutes.  Going fix a ham steak with potatoes, beans and carrots in the pressure cooker.  A one pot meal that will be done in 15 minutes.  Only part I’m not looking forward to is having to dig out the cooker from the “kitchen cabinet of pestilence and doom”.  It has become the dumping grounds for the kitchen stuff that will not fit anywhere else….  Wish me luck….

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